Sunday, November 1, 2015


quick furniture makeovers
This week's Quickies post is all about furniture make- overs.

All three pieces in 90 minutes.

No kidding!

When I saw these two stools last week, I knew what I would do with them.

Do you see three men in a tub or a dead three-legged dog?

A very light coat of Rust-Oleum in Navajo White.

A light sanding with a sanding sponge.

Howard's Citrus Shield in Dark Oak.

If you are picky about your fingernails - use gloves.

An enhanced close-up of  the top of one of the stools.

The grain can be seen through the paint.

Distressing the easy way!

 One stool.

Two stools.

I like the shape of this one the best.

No kidding!

A candlestick table in great shape.

No wobbles!

Needed paint.

Several of the dealers at the antique mall are stocking their booths with white furniture along with whatever they normally have.

So get ready for several white makeovers from me.

Krylon Spray Chalky Finish in Classic White.

A true white.

No undertones.

Bottoms first.

Then the top.

I could not resist adding a bird to the top.

Bird image from The Graphics Fairy.

Here's my waxed paper transfer just before flipping.

Taped down tight with one end left untaped so I could check the progress.

I use a brayer first, then use the edge of the roll of tape to burnish the image.


BUT ....

The bird was too striated for me.

This can be fixed if you are fast enough and can color in the lines.

I wanted some striations, but not well-defined ones.

I wrapped my index finger with a paper towel and gently began to smudge the ink to create shadows.

You do not wish to go outside the lines.

I added the little cloud in the background.

It may look like bird droppings.

No kidding!

See y'all! 

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  1. Beautiful re loves Donna. Love the candlestick table.

  2. It is so cool with the bird. Butterflies would be lovely for an idea, or words!

  3. Hey Donna,
    Love those cute little stools. The little tea table is perfect with the bird image. Great Job! Also, thanks for making me laugh. Gotta love your great sense of humor!


  4. Donna I love the white painted furniture! The bird transfer is sweet!!

  5. lol... it does NOT look like bird droppings! I like it, very pretty!


  6. These are great, and that swallow image is one of my favorites. Stools are such good sellers and I am hardly ever lucky enough to find any.

  7. I am loving little stools myself lately and I love yours! I always wonder if I should paint something in a color....sounds like white is more popular. Do you like the spray chalk paint? I haven't tried it yet. Love your bird!!

  8. My favorites, birds and distressed furniture. I love it!

  9. Love, love, loving your little stools and that candlestick table with birds on them. So appropriate for the tables. I liked the extra striation on bird but it does look great. I really like that particular image.
    Think white is so universal, will go with whatever and looks clean. I find it interesting how trends come and go. I'm liking white better and I'm a color nut. Just like the softness and clean look of it. We painted our living room last summer before in a very soft gray, looks so nice and neat in there now. We have mfg. home with vinyl paper on walls, hate it. Luckily the paint went on nicely and paint did have some primer in it. I waited 8 yrs. to have l/r painted finally. I got mad one day, went to True Value and bought paint myself, got out our painting tools and got busy prepping.
    Where did you find Krylon Spray chalky paint. There is none to be had in Grand Junction, no surprise there. Nobody had heard of it, told me I was wrong. Felt like telling them to do some reading, bone up on what's going on for Pete's sake. This place gets to me, always late getting holiday supplies in stock, I ask about them every year and they look at me like I'm nuts. It's hard for me not to ask them why they don't educate themselves on what's going on in crafting/creating/rehabbing furniture.
    If it's a craft supply store then be prepared doggone it.
    well it's almost 12:30 so better get myself to bed. It's sheeting washing/changing day. Always have to roust our kitty off bed on Mondays and he's not one bit happy with me.
    Have great week

  10. I'm not big on painted furniture unless it's in a shade from white to black. White is currently my favorite. If I could take all the furniture out of my house, I'd paint everything white on the inside. In fact, I wish I had 6 years ago when I moved in. Thankfully I chose neutral colors, but still... white is so clean and fresh feeling!

  11. Three in 90 minutes? You're turning into quite the Quickie production line there. I saw the grid lines on the one stool and thought they were tiles. I was curious as to how you would work with them, but--alas!--they are only lines.

    PS I love it when you flip the bird!

  12. Great pieces and the bird looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  13. Well the bird turned out great in the end. You really got a lot accomplished in 90 min.! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. You are an incredibly prolific dealer, Donna. The way you whip things into shape is amazing to me. All your transformations are great, love how you "saved" your bird--he looks much healthier after your smudging trick. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm :)


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