Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, Oops, Saturday Finds

thrift shops, vintage finds, vitage books, Grindley Printemps chinaAt some point this past week I lived two days thinking it was one. So when Friday came along, I thought it was ... Thursday.

Alas and woe is me!

I forgot to publish my Friday Finds post! 

So here it is - on SATURDAY!

Three large dictionaries in red, white and blue.

One large file box suitably rusted.

The only hydrangeas that love me - Fake!

Embroidered tablecloth with crocheted edge.

Tarnished patina on a lovely silverplate pedestal.

A large box filled with red chintz-y china.

There are 21 more dinner plates!


"Printemps" by Grindley - England!

Three rather cute dog prints.

Another look at the embroidered table cloth.

A bag of flocked Christmas ornaments.

A Christmas tin.

A box of unopened cards with delightful Victorian children.

I walked into the thrift shop and saw this atomic age bookshelf and did a double take.

I think this was in my first classroom way back in 1976.

I traded mine for a table a few weeks into the year.

Of course there were thousands of these around.

BUT ...

This one had a Boston pencil sharpener on the side just like mine!


The two Halloween buckets will not be pumpkins for long.

I love those large stainless bowls for dying cloth and tags.

An old cake pan.

Three vintage tins.

The hands figurine is actually an ashtray.

A framed group of dried flowers.

And ...

A 1950's era Winnie The Pooh.

Like National Velvet, I always buy Pooh.

We will end with this lovely silverplate ice bucket/
wine cooler/ Champagne chiller.

So sorry about the lapse of memory.


I will blame it on my advancing age.

See y'all!

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  1. The bookshelf with the pencil sharpener is so great! I would love to have one, I would keep my drawing and painting stuff in it.

  2. You've got such a good eye for extra special treasures. LOVE that silver pedestal with the grape cluster edging!!

  3. Dibs on the double hands ashtray! (To go with the single hands ashtray I got from you maybe a year ago.)

  4. I have that same Pooh book. It was my dad's! My grandma received it as a gift when he was born. Now I'm gonna spend the day looking for it :-)


  5. It's OK, I keep thinking today is Sunday! Yikes! Love the bookshelf and the pencil sharpener! Oh Pooh is a favorite here also. I really love that silver stand, pretty for vignettes!

  6. Fantastic finds!! You KNOW I am coveting the silver plate and china!!!

  7. Great finds! I love love love that chintz china. That's so funny about the bookshelf with the pencil sharpener. It'a awesome!

  8. Send me the china, Pooh book and the silverplate pedestal please! I have the perfect place for all 3! :-) Thank you in advance! :-)

  9. You find the neatest things! I love the dinnerware. Oh by the way I was probably 7 months when you were in your first classroom ;)

  10. I'm already a day late for my vintage finds this week! Must be something in the southern air. Great finds especially the pencil sharper attached to a bookcase.!

  11. I love the tablecloth with embroidery and crocheted edging. I have seen some people paint old tarnished silverplate.

  12. 21-PLUS dinner plates !!! great for a big family or party. They are beautiful. Also love the silverplate pedestal with the grape clusters. Nothing better than the old Boston pencil sharpeners. I have two in our workshop for keeping a good point on our marking pencils.
    Day late or not, you came up with some very good stuff.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Why does postage from America have to be so expensive , I would kill for the blue tin to add to my well hidden maybe its not such a bad thing that I just get to look at the eye candy you sell

  14. Those red & white chintz transferware dishes made my heart skip a couple beats.
    Oh I want them all LOL

  15. Lots of fun finds, Donna! Love the bookshelf.

  16. Great finds, Donna! My favs are the beautiful red chintz set of dishes, and the precious Pooh Book! (big Pooh fan!) Hope your week is off to a great start! :) ~Rhonda

  17. That pedestal totally rocks! I love stuff that looks like it could have been the murder weapon in an Agatha Christie story. I think there ought to be a category called "Blunt Heavy Object Vintage" just for them. I think it would catch on. I love Pooh too! (That doesn't look right.) Do a search at my blog for "Five Guys" for a post about Pooh and the other four characters I always look for.

  18. Love the bookshelf with pencil sharpener. I also buy pooh books when I see them.

  19. Love the bookshelf with pencil sharpener. I also buy pooh books when I see them.

  20. I think Kathleen, or is it Sharon, has an ice bucket like yours--stunning! I'm hoping to find one myself someday soon...

  21. Love your finds! The bookcase is awesome


  22. Incredible finds! I especially love the plates! Stop on by our Vintage Charm party and share with all our friends! You can link up on my blog here:
    I'm your newest email subscriber!:) xoKathleen

  23. If I Had to choose would pick those incredible dishes, the ice bucket and the table cloth. Will you be selling all of them? i seem to have collected some silver plate trays, things like that without meaning to. They look pretty on shelves in nook of our living room.
    If you sell dishes will you sell all together or will you perhaps sell few separately? I'd so love to have that platter, couple other pieces and some of plates. Is very hard to find good vintage goodies here, prices are outrageous if I do. People here are quite greedy. Let me know about dishes will you please? Would love to have just a few if possible. Happy weekend.

  24. You always find such great finds! I would kill for those red chintzy dishes and the first tray!

  25. Wow. You scored some incredible treasures. I am swooning over that gorgeous china.


  26. Hey there--loved all you finds, esp. the champagne bucket, as I mentioned. That chintz-y transferware is a nice find in red/pink and I always enjoy your stories--this time about "your" shelf and sharpener. Thanks for linking up with us at Vintage Charm.


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