Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds
I have been missing in action for almost two weeks.  

Last week's Friday's Finds and Quickies posts were scheduled ahead of time. I'll explain at the end  of this post.

I did go forth and hunt down some smalls last week.

This is a lovely brass trophy that is a replica - no engraving.

It is a couple of decades old.

Who doesn't need a scraper/putty knife?

I have one in every room.

And then the tin.

Very old - hand painted and signed.

The title is A Dancing Girl.

There is paint loss I hope to stabilize.

I am trying to determine which era was it fashionable to have droopy boobs banded at the waist.

I need to go back there.

I could not get a decent photo of this very heavy iron lamp.

So I took pics of the base and the top.

I have numerous scrapes and bruises on my ankles from hauling this around.

I left it in this condition.

It's a treasure in my Booth C-23.

First one there gets it.

Love the arrow design.

Originally oil, then electrified, then stripped of the wiring.

I see potential here!

I waited ten days for GW to put a price on this silver chest.

Finally the other day I asked a worker from the back room to price it, and I did not care when she did it - I just did not want it thrown away because of the "No price, No sale" policy.

She told me to wait a minute.

While I was waiting, I found a bag of nests.

The worker returned with the chest marked a reasonable price and it came home with me.

A galvanized planter holding a poor piggy with no tail.

Who will admit to being so old, she used a gym bag like this beauty?

This one is brown "tweed" vinyl with tan "leather" handles.

Mine in junior high was light blue and navy.

Did you notice the lovely cotton lace tablecloth?

A glass pedestal holds another pair of shoe stretchers.

On my way to Hobby Lobby to buy some green moss, I stopped at a yard sale.

Bought an entire garbage bag filled with all sorts of green stuff for less than the price of the gas to get me to HL.


The back of my truck is filled with furniture to paint including this small dresser I picked up just as it was coming out on the thrift store floor.

It has rained over eight inches in the last ten days.

It is predicted to rain throughout this weekend with record downpours.

We are ready.

There are power line trucks from several states already parked around town.

The fear being the ground is so saturated, trees will fall over.

Which brings me to why I went missing for almost two weeks.

My Internet connection was blipping on and off all last week.

I thought it was the rain.

I called EarthLink, my Internet provider, and the tech stayed on the line for almost an hour running scans.

He found trouble on the AT&T lines to my house.

The tech called for a tech from AT&T to check my lines - up close and personal.

Miss Computer Lady called Monday night to say the tech would be here on Tuesday between 11AM and 7PM. 

She recited a long list of things for preparation.  

Most I could do.

BUT one requirement was visible access to the phone lines in the box OUTSIDE the house.

Well, folks, we live in a house built in 1950 with the original phone line running straight from the pole to the attic space above the den.

I tried to call AT&T, but could not find a live person to explain.

The EarthLink tech in INDIA said everyone had a box on the outside of the house.


So the AT&T tech shows up at 2PM and asks where the outside box is located.

I tell him there isn't one.

Do you see that tiny 2' by 2 1/2' access panel?

Chucks and I had to move the hundred-pound jelly cupboard, take down the thirty-pound dough bowl (painted by Ernest Lee), and pull the forty-pound folding ladder from the shed.

Then we hoisted the tech up through the hole.

He exclaimed as he rose out of sight,

"I have never in my life seen phone lines so old!"

He was up there for two hours rewiring for a box on the outside of the house. 

We are now up to date for the 1980's!

BUT I do have my Internet up and running.

Free Cell for hours is not the same as blogging.

See y'all!

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  1. That tin!! Oh my, Donna, she's definitely a 1920s era gal, probably smushing her ta tas so she would have that androgynous look so popular at the time.
    We are dealing with a variation of your issue right now, only with TV cable for our upstairs. Long story short - the cable guys 'lost' our cable in the wall, tried to charge us for a repairman who couldn't retrieve it for a 90° turn in said wall, only to later have 3 men, 3 hrs, attempt to fish another line through various walls, sounding like rats at a buffet line, eventually wanting to tear up floor boards in the attic. That's when they were asked to leave. Still no TV upstairs, which doesn't bother me at all.
    Stay safe with all this rain & potential danger lurking.

  2. You are too dang funny! Your boob comment made my day. Thanks for the chuckle :-)


  3. Oh Donna it is always something!!! Your post made me laugh this morning. So happy your internet is up and running. It is our life line in blog world that's for sure! Happy Friday and have a great week end.

  4. Glad you're up and running again! We certainly can't be without your humorous dialogue for too long! Good thing the tech wasn't heavy-set and not able to fit through the opening!

  5. Hi Donna, You have been missed. Love all your great finds. That little brown bag is such a cutie and that tin. LOL, you had me on that one. Must have been the 60's/70's braless age.

    Okay, you got lots of catching up to do. Glad your house is up to date now.


  6. Love the lamp pole/stand. I don't know how you waited on that silver chest...I would have asked for a price the first day I saw it. If my hubby hears an accent from India, he hangs up. Which is probably for the best because he can't understand them anyway. But it is aggravating. How could they possibly know what our homes have here ? I wonder what they really think of us if they think we all live in cookie cutter houses. I hope your weather clears. Send rain here please.... but not 8 inches.

  7. All your finds are awesome but the little tin is fabulous. Glad you have your internet back, I would be lost without mine! I miss my friends when I loose it for a day!

  8. Are you guys getting a lot of rain because of the hurricane? Are you close enough to the coast where it will affect you? When I lived in Virgina as a kid we went through a few hurricanes (we lived in Chesapeake/Virgina Beach). They were never really bad. My brother is a lineman and will be working the storm clean up! I hope it is over before my wedding so that he makes it back home in time (15 days)!!

  9. OMG Donna!!! Wouldn't we all like to go to a place where droopy boobs are the "In" thing! LMAO!!! I love that tin, I hope you can stop the paint from chipping off, I'd be interested to know your technique too.

    I hate it when you get a tech in India... not only is there sometimes a language barrier but sometimes they just don't understand what we need! I'm glad the AT&T dude was capable! Welcome to the 80's! lol!


  10. I am really surprised that it was not done years ago!!

  11. We just re did the lines from 1960 home before we moved. We had a line from the pole to the box. Hee Hee. If it works, don't fix it. When it doesn't work, now Houston we have a problem! Can't wait to see what you do to the chest.

  12. When you are away you come back with a bang! Lots of good stuff in this post to have a giggle over. Love the iron lamp and the piggy with no tail!

  13. I know it's not funny, but I can't help but laugh....that was hilarious! We are having our own merry-go-round adventure with AT&T. They have dug a grave in our front yard and didn't put anyone in it. If they don't get it filled and some internet in our house soon, I will fill it with the next tech who tells me "you have high-speed internet here"! Love the purchases....can't wait to see the little chest..and poor Miss Piggy!

  14. So glad you are getting your internet fixed. Missed you. You are still finding such interesting stuff. I do like that huge dough bowl atop your jelly cupboard. Interesting painting. Hope your are not in harms way with this storm. Rain is nice, but too much is not nice. Take care.
    Audrey Z. Timeless Treasures

  15. Love that lamp!!! I'm not sure we have an outside box either. Not that I've noticed anyway. This is the boonies after all. Hmmm... I'll have to take a look and see.

  16. The perils of living in an old loving home!!! Drooped boobs...LOL!!!
    Great finds!
    Thank you for making my day!!!

  17. Welcome to the 80's! I trust that you're now running around in big, foofy hair and shoulder pads while listening to Duran Duran.

    I also hope you haven't been flooded out.

  18. Oh, living in an old house has its charms, but when something isn't working, it can become a nightmare... We spend hours looking for a little TV box in my cottage because it wasn't located in the eectrical panel where apparently it's always located!


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