Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Alice Cabinet

Distressed Painting, Cabinet, Alice illustrations
This is all about a girl named Alice and a cabinet which did not wish to be painted.

Remember the Alice illustrations I bought from Griffin?

Gryphon's Acquisitions HERE 

I had Staples reduce them to regular sized paper.

Scanned them into the computer, reversed the images and saved them.

Remember my oh-so-orange cabinet from a couple of weeks ago?

I decided it would be perfect for Alice.

I just had to sand down the orange finish and paint.



After sanding it down, I found mahogany - the Kryptonite of furniture painters. 

I tried multiple coats of varnish and sprayed heavy duty white inside.

There is no final shot of the inside.

BUT I promise I fought it until it was white.

Two coats of Krylon Chalky Finish  Spray Paint in Slate.

The sheen is from sanding lightly with a fine grit sponge and buffing with a rough paper towel.

I sanded heavily on the edges and just let that %^&*^%#@# mahogany bleed through if it wanted.

Two coats of Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Lace for the panels.

Because of the rain, I kept having to shove it quickly in the back of the truck.

Chose two of the illustrations to print out onto waxed paper.

You have one chance to flip and transfer.

Practice makes perfect.

The brass knobs were painted in Lace.

Sanded and buffed.

Dragged to Booth C-23.

Riverfront Antique Mall

The Alice Cabinet.

HAH! You are not orange now!

I know, I know.  It is juvenile to ridicule a cabinet.

I let my Mexican Sunflowers get to be nine feet tall.

Then the rains came and laid them flat.

However they are still a happy sight as you walk to the front door.

My mums are still in their pots.

I never got them in the ground.

Oh, well...

See y'all!

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  1. What a creative idea - I really like that.

  2. All I can say is WOW Donna , your incredible !!!! I'll take the cabinet and for good measure all three accent piece's on top :)) At least you still have some beautiful flower's with color to look at, mine ughhh. Are ya slacking .... ? you didn't plant your mum's ??? Lol we all know your the busiest person in Blogland!! The front of your home still looked beautiful . We're a balmy 34 degrees in Ohio today :(( take care my friend, TT

  3. This looks amazing Donna. Great re love of this cabinet.

  4. I love Alice on the cabinet! Perfect for a little girl's room!

  5. I love the images you chose! Another great makeover!

  6. I'd buy it. Seriously, if I hit a shop and saw that it would go home with me. Too bad you're not in my shopping range. Absolutely wonderland!

  7. I love this cabinet, Donna. I'm a big Alice fan. I believe you conquered that mahogany!

  8. You know I have to laugh about the mahogany!! The struggle is real, exactly what I am working on right now. Love the Alice.

  9. I love the Alice would be perfect as the new vanity in my powder room! Oh, and I love the "bust" ha ha ha Hope things are still smelling spicy! ;-)

  10. Glad to see you overcame and conquered! Looks cool!

  11. Love the Alice cabinet.I'm glad you won the battle with the mahogany. She looks amazing.

  12. Darling cabinet. I'm an Alice fan! '-)

  13. I have given surfaces like this a coat of silver paint to stop the colour from bleeding through, especially when you use white as your final coat.Its not completely fool proof but it saves a bit of juvenile behavior for something else that really deserves it.

  14. Alice is a wonderful cabinet now. I agree with you about mahogany! Ugh!! Alice will go to someone's home in a jiffy I predict! Great job as always!!!


  15. It looks great Donna! I hate it when furniture bleeds like that. I've been fighting with a little side table that did that. Two coats of Kilz and two coats of paint later I think I've got it!


  16. That slate is gorgeous and I love the mahogany showing through--nice and dark. Adding Alice to your front panels was inspired--love it. I don't think it'll last in your booth for long. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!


    I've already got the next several weeks of "Retro Y'all" posts lined out, so this will have to do. Can't read this post without it running through my head.


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