Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Finds

thrift shops, vintage finds
I knew it was a great day when I walked into the thrift store and was met with the greeting, "So glad you are here. We have a bunch of old stuff to get rid of."

I had to recite my new mantra under my breath for several seconds before diving in.

"I do not have to own every single treasure.  I am not a hoarder.  I will restrain myself."

And by the time I had finished, several items had been snatched up by other shoppers.

First this lovely lady - an ironstone wash basin. White with blue floral design.

Yes, delicious brown patina.

Anchor Pottery 
Trenton, NJ
Semi- Porcelain

Made between 1890 and 1920.

A generous 17" diameter.

I have three wash stands and not one will hold her. 

She will go to the booth.

Because: I do not have to own every single treasure.

My customers love my suitcases - especially the extra large flat ones.

It went straight to the booth.

I love market baskets like this one.

I have a graduated set of them including one this size.

Since I have so many, this one will be going to the booth.

Because:  I am not a hoarder.

The wooden message box with the glass knob, you will see transformed on Quickies this week.

The pewter bowl is lovely and will be sold.

A glass floral frog.

A beautiful piece of ceramic art.

It is a bud bowl sometimes called a pansy bowl.

Add water and arranged the pansies around the opening.

It is now on Etsy.

The gray dresser and several other pieces of furniture sold over last weekend so I bought this MCM cabinet with sliding doors.

You will see it soon.

It is on the list to be painted this weekend.

Hen egg basket.

A brass urn.

A cute hand carved mouse.

The largest cricket box I have seen.

It will be listed on Etsy.

Two Victorian frames.

Slight damage.

A folding bed tray with all its working parts in great condition.

The paint is a little distressed.

The tray can be positioned four ways to draw or write or sing in bed.

Imagination time.

I did not dare remove this lighting fixture until I make it to the booth with it intact.

I am a total klutz and have almost dropped it twice.

So here is half of it.

Two long pendants of cut glass with white/gold iron pieces and chain.

They are twins and hang from one ceiling mount. 

They absolutely scream, 
"Nous sommes Fran├žais!"

A very fierce Beethoven.

Maybe he is trying to hear.

I know he is not French, but he would look wonderful sitting under the above lights. 

A free plaid bowling bag so decrepit it has crumbled.

Will be using it for a poinsettia.

Yes, it is time for bottle brush trees.

A round-up of ones Olive of Olive Out found for me at the Salvation Army.

Yes, I have been bleaching trees twice a week.

Last, but certainly not least, my own personal slices of Maid Marion.

The city spent several days slicing her up in different lengths for people to take.

Now I have to figure out how to get the slices dry and what to do with them.

I am not shopping today - staying home and painting.

Because: I will restrain myself! 

See y'all!

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  1. Great haul, Donna! I especially love the ceramic bud bowl!

  2. Donna, you are doing so well and earmarking things for sale and not keeping! Love the bud bowl and the hand carved mouse(cute). I'm hoping to finally paint a shelf this weekend if it doesn't rain. I'll share on the blog. I need to get back into regular blogging again!

  3. Impressive show of restraint, Donna. I have an antique wash basin that was brought over from Sweden...I wonder if your lovely lady will fit. I'll get back to you on that!

  4. The wash basin is lovely and now I think I need one of those trays, because singing in bed is just something I need to do!

  5. I LOVE the little mouse! So adorable!!!! Is it going to be sold?

  6. I'm so glad you were able to grab a few pieces of Maid Marion to keep! The bed tray is is that guy AND his music. See, I need to tray to hum his music while I'm in bed! :-) I also enjoyed your little mantra....LMAO!!

  7. Great haul even if you did restrain yourself. Great old bowl. Those Victorian frames are really nice too. Happy to see it is bottle brush tree time again. Would love to find more vintage ones. Glad you got some slices of Maid Marion.Enjoy

  8. Country roads, take me home to the place I belong!

  9. I'm glad you got some slices of Maid Marion. A friend of mine from high school who now lives in California posted it on his facebook when she fell. Lot of great stuff but that bed tray is so cool.

  10. Absolutely great finds!!! I especially love the market basket...I don't have one like; and the pansy bowl is very unique...I've never seen one or knew about them!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. I hate to be "that guy" but it should be "Nous sommes francaises!" Pronoun and adjective have to agree in number. Also, I draw the line at singing in bed, no matter how cute the tray is.

  12. Did you see the photo I posted on fb? "It's not hoarding if the stuff is really cool!" It's a constant battle, isn't it? I'd say you did very well--most of your buys are to be sold and the things that needed work, you worked on right away. Good girl. Love the carved mouse, the market basket, and the angry Beethoven :) Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm.


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