Sunday, October 11, 2015


quick painting makeovers, buckets, pots, dresser, Americana Decor, Rust-Oleum
Take a plain tin box. 

Take two buckets.

Paint with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Escape - a lovely blue.

Let sit around for several weeks.

(Maybe a month or two.)

Drag out the numbers and letters stamps.

I thought a bunch of mixed nuts would look great in this box.

Did not have mixed nuts so added the pine cones.

The number has no significance.

However, Chucks (always helpful AFTER I finish a project!) suggested using a numeric code for "NUTS".

Wish I had thought of that!

This bucket has no handle so really it is a planter.

The secret code here is K8420.

Can you figure it out?

Little NO. 5  is surrounded by pumpkins and pine cones.

Reminds me of a bright blue autumn sky.

Three zinc pots painted last year with the Farragoz method.

I have been using them, but they are off to the booth.

Obviously I had to name them "1", "2", and "3" so they would stay together.


A scary floating dresser ghost!

No, just lazy.

The only pic I took of the before was the dresser on its side in the truck.

Just rotated it. 

Previously in the ghastly brown antiquing from the seventies.

I had big plans for it.

Some really spectacular.

Then it rained, rained, rained, rained, ...

So it was spray painted with Rust-Oleum Satin Granite.

Three light coats so it would dry faster.

Stuck a tag on it and off it went to the booth.

No image.

No stencil.

No stamp.

No decoupage.


Just a plain dresser.

Chucks is over my shoulder as I type saying I am so mean to say there is a numeric code on the bucket.

There isn't.

See y'all!

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  1. No embellishments to the dresser? Yikes, Donna! What is the world coming to? Just kidding :-) Sometimes ya just don't need anything but a new coat of paint, right?

    Have an awesome Sunday!


  2. Everything looks great! I can hardly believe you didn't do anything special to the dresser though!


  3. I think a plain dresser will sell also and someone will put something they love on it. The buckets are tres cute!

  4. I like the dresser as is and you made all those metal containers look fresh and interesting. Good job Donna.

  5. Love your usual. The dresser looks good just like that!
    Is the Satin Granite in the Rustoleum 2X? Love that spray paint!!
    Is Scout doing okay? Take care and have fun!

  6. Love love love your transformations!!! I want buckets in my life with numbers!!!

  7. Nice projects! I like the dresser plain and that gives someone the option of doing their own thing to it as well. That picture on it's side had me confused for a second! lol

  8. hahaha! I was going to guess the code was a paint sku number or something far you had me going there.
    That dresser turned out nice... sometimes, less is more. So no decorative design could be the selling point of that little chest o' drawers!

    have a good 'ne!

  9. Love your quickies! The codes are fun, too. LOL!

  10. I finished many wedding quickies this weekend. I'll blog about them shortly. OH MY GOSH - 5 DAYS!!! Do I have it all done? FYI, I always love your quickies. Lots of projects to put in the back of my mind for later. :)

  11. You only think those numbers are meaningless. You just revealed the coordinates to the hiding place of the Holy Grail for the world to see! Or is it the lost city of Atlantis? I get it all mixed up. Either way, you'd best be careful. Those who don't want their secrets so casually revealed will be watching you.

  12. LMAO...y'all crack me up. I was going to guess something about the numeric "Kitty 8 420 blackbirds" or something like that! Love the dresser...and all of the other little goodies you have!!

  13. OK, you got me with the floating dresser. LOL Just a reminder Vintage Charm link party starts this Thursday at 8:00 AM EST. Hope we see you there!

  14. Thank you for the save, Chucks...we'll deal with your sly wifey later on. ;)

  15. Ah ha are funny...I loved the floating scary dresser - since I do not like scary, that was my kind of scary! ;)
    I gave up after 2 seconds on the secret code, I'm stubborn like that!
    Love all the projects you how you mixed words and/or letters with numbers!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Sometimes less is more, great job on the dresser. I love your painted buckets. It's a darn good thing I didn't spend more than a few seconds trying to figure that code out, LOL.

  17. Donna you are so funny. There is probably a secret code to all those numbers, you just arent telling us. The Dresser turned out lovely, sometimes we don't need embellishments, simple is best.

  18. You are the Quickie Queen, Donna, and an amazing vintage and antiques dealer. I'm in love with buckets 1, 2, & 3!! Thanks so much for linking up with our very first Vintage Charm link party.


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