Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Finds

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Yes, I am back to my old junkin' ways - sorta.

The loads are small and most go directly to my hidey hole space in the back of my booth.

Never entering the house.

I am hauling out far more than I am bringing in.

First up this green 45 RPM record box with records.

Haven't checked out the selection of tunes yet.

A clutch of test tubes.

Yes, project involved, but I promise it is a quick one! 

Low on architectural items - found these muntins (window dividers)

A gray metal data file box with a leather handle - quite spy-like.

A brown leather suitcase.

A wood office letter box.

A small bucket.

An ironstone plate.

This poor lady is losing her veneer - will repair and paint her.

A stack of old new stock of shutters.

Wooden shutters are getting harder and harder to find at reasonable prices.

These have never been used.

I did clean some of the dirt off.

Left some for eye-appeal.

Only five volumes of the New Masters Pictorial Encyclopedia, but who could resist those covers!

Great line drawings inside.

A basket filled with -

A wire soap dish.

A boy and his dog cookie cutters.

An Audubon Field Guide For Birds.

A book for veterans.

Worlds to Explore - a Girl Scout Manual.

Checking out, the manager asked if I saw the box of crochet stuff.

Thinking she meant afghans, I was not really thrilled but looked anyway.

Oh, my word!

It was a box of vintage baby clothes intricately crocheted and never used.

No stains or foxing (brown spots).

This set a bonnet, coat, and booties - the edges have tatted silk lace. 

 So sweet!

This set a coat and booties.

 A small dress.

With tiny white buttons on the other side.

I displayed it with the buttons on the front.

Most likely meant for the back - you wouldn't want tiny buttons where a baby might pick one for a snack.


Two white, pink and blue bonnets.

The last set was crocheted from pink silky thread.

There was a dress.

With tiny pink buttons.

And the matching coat and bonnet.

It took awhile to go through the box - everything was jumbled together.

I hope I was able to match all of the sets. 

I did leave others behind.

I promise.

See y'all!


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  1. More great finds Donna. Love the shutters. Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  2. Ok, I LOVE that suitcase !! The ironstone plate and that crocheted pink silky thread dress, coat and bonnet I'd buy.If your not bringing the item's in the house except for a quickie, you know what I mean, you haven't completely fallen off the wagon :)) The mirror painted would be gorgeous painted, I like the detail at the top. Good score's Donna !! What will you do with the test tube's ?? Have a wonderful weekend, TT

  3. I crochet and I shudder to think about all the time that went into those outfits and were never worn.I wouldn't want to be a baby and have all those buttons on my back either.Maybe those were meant for a baby doll??

  4. Great finds - the crocheted items are amazing.

  5. I sell all the 45s I have individually. I buy new paper sleeves and plastic covers for them on Amazon and then stick a tag on it. Then I have them in a few old wood boxes, sorted alphabetically. I also bought dividers on Amazon too! The baby clothes are so delicate and intricate. I have crocheted a few doilies in my day and let me tell you how horribly difficult and time consuming they are!

  6. Excellent haul! The crocheted outfits are so sweet. Love the wire soap dish.

  7. Wow! Those baby clothes are amazing. So much work! Love those shutters. We rarely see wooden shutters around here anymore. If I did I would snap them up too. Great finds as usual.

  8. Such great finds, but the baby clothes are so sweet.

  9. Awww, I love the baby clothes. The pink dress is my favorite... you know I have a thing for baby things lately! ;o)


  10. I need that mirror!!! Desperately!!! are just too far away!! Move to Nashville and open up your booths here...LOL I'm still lugging around about 500 "45 records". We have an old record player but the wires burned, so the hubster has to do some repairs.

  11. The baby clothes are adorable. What a find! Love the mirror too. Benita and I would be fighting over it!!!

  12. Test tubes? Are you playing around in your secret basement lab again? You know how that always turns out with the villagers marching up your lawn with their torches.

    Great finds. Can you imagine all the time that went into making those cute baby clothes? It's okay to fall off the wagon from time to time. It is smart to take things right to the booth.

  13. Great finds indeed Donna, and not bringing (most) of your finds into the house - well, bonus. Straight to your booth.

  14. Shutters are harder to find especially at reasonable prices. I keep an eye out as would like to find a couple for my front window for each side outside.

  15. Love all your Friday finds but the baby clothes are so lovely. Great idea taking things straight to your booth. A practice I need to adopt. sb

  16. Great stuff Donna, just to SORTA "be back to my old junkin' ways". Always good to have wooden shutters. The crochet baby clothes are wonderful. Would be fun to display them on dolls.
    Audrey Z.

  17. Great finds those shutters!
    Have fun this weekend!

  18. Hi Donna! :)
    Love the shutters and that mirror is beautiful, can't wait to see them after you re-do them! You got some amazing things!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. You've been a busy shopper. Love the baby clothes. Sweet!

  20. Love the window dividers!!! Lots of fun ideas for test tubes too!! Great finds!


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