Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gifts From Horror Monster

Horror Monster, organizing clutter, craft stash
Soon Horror Monster will need a new name.

This is a small portion of the items moved out this past week.

Does not include the truckload I sent to the thrift shop.

Three large wire golf ball baskets.

Except for the few we use around the house, these are the last of the 150 baskets I bought when a local golf range closed.

They were great sellers in the booth, and I wish I could find some more.

Unfortunately, driving ranges are using plastic baskets now.

At one time I created gift baskets.

I donated several large garbage bags of excelsior, Easter grass, and ribbon.

The paper twist I decided to sell in the booth which led to customers wanting to know how to use it which led to demonstrations.

I probably should have just donated it! 

This project grew from discovering a box of pint canning jars, a huge canister of buttons, and a bag of wooden spools. 

Put them all together with a purple torn cotton ribbon ...

And a nifty little stamped tag.


I found a box of china and ceramic items from an auction in 2005.

I remember buying them.

This particular auction I loved attending because the auctioneer was FAST!

Every Friday night for several years.

Robert would hold up an item and start the bidding at $50 and then say $1.

He did that auction talk for about thirty seconds before putting the item over on a table.

You had to bid as FAST as he was auctioning.

Once the table was filled, he started bidding on the table - starting at $1.

You had to buy the entire mess of items, box them yourself and get them out of the building as FAST as you could.

I had lost out on some small wooden benches.

I was not FAST enough to get my bid in.

So I had to buy the entire table to get the benches.

Luckily most of the items sold.

But I never even attempted to sell these.

Do not even know why I kept them.

Back then you could not give an owl away.

I sorted through the box, donated some and have these to sell.

I miss Robert and his FAST auction style.

Back into the depths of Horror Monster.

See y'all! 

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  1. I can't believe there is still stuff in Horror Monster! How big is He??? Great insight on the golf baskets....I would have never thought to buy them but they are so collectible now.

  2. Love the baskets for sure. I'm not an owl person but they seem to be really in right now. We used to go to auctions where boxes and boxes of stuff would go for $1 for the lot, and you had to take it all and then sort through it when you got home. I did it once and got a lot of great Christmas stuff and a few other things, but most of it went to the thrift stores and some had to go to the dump. It was fun though.

  3. You just need to open up the Horror Monster and price everything. Save yourself time taking it the booth! I always buys jars of buttons. Am I turning into a hoarder?? LOL I love those golf baskets!

  4. BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    I love those tiki shot-mugs. I have a set from that era, but mine are all solid color. Half are bright orange and half are neon green. They look awesome together. Yours are multi-colored and I've never seen any like that. Cool.

    I have not been to an auction in ages. If I ever get my storage whittled down, I'd like to go again. If I can find one that's not dominated by certain local dealers.

  5. The golf baskets are fab. Horror monster will soon be "mini" monster. LOL.

  6. Wow the golf baskets are pretty awesome. Owls are pretty big right now so I bet you will find a new home for them. Happy Week End. Love the jars of buttons too.

  7. You are doing such a great job! Wow on the buttons and jars, perfect! The baskets are way cool and I know will sell like the others did. I hope to get to my craft room sometimes this Fall. Babysitting starts next week as my grown kids start back to school.

  8. I have passed up those golf baskets for years now that I'm going to look for them they will be scarce. Those owls will sell quickly I bet.

  9. Horror Monster gives the greatest gifts. As we speak, I'm having coffee of my patio using my favorite cowboy blanket!


  10. Wow! I would have loved to see your paper twist demonstration! How ironic since I've been thinking about making something out of newspaper twists!

  11. I sure need to be motivated by you to tackle my stuff, especially my dish cupboards. It's so hard to!

    Thank you so much for visiting my post. I'm glad to have met you!


  12. You go girl! You are doing an amazing job and unearthing some great finds, too!Hugs,

  13. Good that you are determined to really wipe out Mr. Horror Monster. Do you think he will be dead and gone forever? I like what you did with the buttons and canning jars. Those should sell well. I have only seen the small golf ball metal baskets ... will have to keep my eyes open for the big ones. Nice size.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. I can't believe the things you're still coming up with from Horror Monster! I love those golf baskets, too! I do lots of jars of tiny things like buttons, spools, clothes pins, game pieces, etc. Love your stamped tag (I do that with all mine too).

  15. Wow, you have my head spinning just thinking about that quick moving auction. Sounds like fun. Congratulations on tackling the horror monster. 150 baskets? Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  16. Oh how I remember that paper twist. It was very popular around the time that a friend and I had a small business and we used it often. We taught tole painting, but also had gifts that were brought in on consignment and also items we purchased. It is funny how things do change. Yeah, owls will fly out fast now. Wire baskets are always good sellers and the jars with the buttons and cute tags turned out great. You have really been on a roll girl! Congrats for the big tackle!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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