Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Morning Sky


Primitive cabinet, Krylon Morning Sky paint, chalky finish paint
Morning Sky - a blue from Krylon's Chalky Spray paint arsenal.

A delightful primitive cabinet.

A great combination.

If you remember I bought this while on the Peach Tree 23 yard sale event READ HERE .

Here it is topless.

And here it is with its enamelware top.

It is slightly askew for a reason.

It was where the previous owner sat to drink his coffee each morning on the porch.

Have you ever noticed the stories behind pieces of furniture are often more interesting than the furniture alone?

Flipped over to clean and paint - found out the shelves were held in by layers of dirt.

No problem - never met dirt I could not banish.

Topless and shelfless - best way to paint.

This after the first light coat. 

I did two.

Once again I did not distress it.

I may have to change the name of my blog if I continue this trend!

I will say this about this paint, and I am NOT paid to say a thing.

It dries in hot, humid conditions.


I did not secure the shelves - just crammed them back in.

The top only needed cleaning.

Added a cute tag for the new booth.

Styled it with a green metal basket filled with aluminum colanders.

Yep, another collection bites the dust and moves on be sold.

I even threw in the last of my sprinkler collection.

I did keep one giant star colander.

Available in Booth C-23 in Riverfront Antique Mall.

See y'all!

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  1. Love that color! OK, well I need to get some of that paint that is OK in heat!! I want to paint some shelves that I can hang and display more of my small treasures. Can't wait to try it. My first 'project' so any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. it looks great! I'm gonna hafta try that spray paint!

  3. Love it Donna ... but what I really want is the green metal basket with one or two of the colanders. Good job and looks so clean and fresh without distressing.

  4. I bought a couple cans of the Krylon chalk paint a while back and am still waiting for the perfect project piece to use them on. Nice to know it works in hot and humid weather!


  5. Nice combo, Donna. Great to know about Krylon chalky paint drying in hot and humid conditions. Lawd knows we're having a lot of that (and rain, and wind - not good for even Krylon chalky). And yes, the stories behind are definitely fun. I'll even make notes on my tags to pass them along - buyers often ask for the tags for that reason (store usually keeps).

    1. That's a wonderful idea about making remarks on the tags. I can imagine that sometimes stories even sell the piece!

  6. Distressless Donna? Undistressed Donna? Normal Donna? Repainted but not Retouched Donna? I don't know. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

  7. Beautiful color Donna. I have used that spray paint and it is awesome to work with.

  8. I would love to just go on one junking excursion with you! I know we would have a ball and I'd find some real treasures!

  9. Wow, you are cleaning out and painting up a storm, as usual! Love the color and the non-distressed look. Don't change your blog name....I won't recognize you! :-)

  10. Love this shelf and those colanders! You know they keep aliens away, right? You have to wear one on your head! I'm so loving that spray paint...giving me ideas and you know how dangerous that is!!

  11. Hi Donna!
    Just popping by to say hello and visiting all of you from the Thrift It/Gift It. My first time on your blog and have spent quite awhile peeking around at all of your amazing projects. Have not tried this Krylon spray paint yet and good to know that it is a good product! Love the blue!!
    Kimberley @ SeasideAve.com

  12. How did I not know about Krylon's chalk spray paint? Oh my gosh! I love this color and will be on the lookout for some of this paint! I love this piece, but love the sweet story behind it even more! Hope you're having a wonderful week purging and painting!

  13. When I red Morning Sky I was expecting sunrise photos! Hope you newest product sells quickly!

  14. As much as I love your little cabinet with awesome top I have to declare I want one of those green metal carriers. Saw it on the Farmhouse ad over weekend. I have to have one of those, I'll go hungry to have one, good thing payday is next Wed.
    Ok sorry, love your little cabinet. The color is awesome such a pretty clean blue, love idea it's spray on chalk paint. Wonder if Grand Junction has it yet. Maybe by next year at the rate G.J. goes, always behind if at all. Glad you didn't distress. Wish I could buy it but think we're little too far away in western CO. Happy days. enjoy your summer

  15. Love that colour! It's so pretty. Love those colanders too.

  16. Oh, I love this little piece! You did a great job transforming it! :)

  17. Donna, do you have a temperature! I can't believe you are selling off so many fab things? Even your sprinkler collection? lol! I love the green basket and the styling is super!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Świetna zmiana, uwielbiam takie :)


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