Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rescued and Rehabbed

Blog friends, gifts, Delta Junction, Alaska
Who do we all know in Delta Junction, Alaska?

Why, Marti, Of course, from Rescue Rehab!

One night I spied something I wanted from Alaska.

So we struck a deal.

Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash would send her some fabric, and I would receive the object of my desire.

Marti threw in a lot of extras.

A bumper sticker with "We're all here because we're not all there."

Alaskan humor - she knows I am addicted to all the Alaskan reality shows.

A package of the state wildflower - forget-me-nots.

A package of salmon jerky.

Did not know that existed - rather tasty. 

I had to share some tiny bits with Willie and Scout.

But mostly I ate it.


A sweet note about not finding wrapping tissue because of the kitchen sink in her purse.

Marti also included a vial of official Delta Junction gold!

And what was the object of my desire?

A vintage Alaska license tag!

Visit Marti at her blog HERE  or like her on Facebook HERE .

Find Marti at Hometalk HERE

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marti!!!

Blogging friends are the BEST!


See y'all!


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  1. What lovely treasures and how sweet of her to send those! Salmon jerky??!! Sounds interesting! May have to contact her to buy some for the hubster. He loves salmon!

  2. LOVE that bumper "snicker!" I was born in Alaska and given up for adoption there. My sweet mom and dad found me and brought me to Texas (they were military). I have since found my biological father's family, and a cousin gave me the license plate from the truck my father was driving when I was born, dated 1960. My mom and dad traveled the ALCAN Highway back when it was just a gravel road, towing a mobile home behind them like a snail. Not an RV, a mobile home! Of course, they were smaller back then. We also have an elderly friend who actually worked on the ALCAN, so this would be a favored sticker around here. For our 25th anniversary five years ago, my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska so that I could see where I was born. It was an awesome emotional trip. I don't remember seeing that bumper sticker, but now I'll have to find it. Maybe from Marti, or an online site. I'm so glad that you showed it here ! By the way, hubby fell in love with salmon while we were there; me...not so much. (grin)

  3. What a sweet friend! I've never tried salmon jerky but I bet it's tasty. I love smoked mullet and I would think it would taste similar. The tag is great! What are you planning to do with it? There's a building up the road from me that is covered in old car tags. Too cool! Have a great Tuesday!

  4. What fun!! I love the license plate!

  5. Love all the treasure Marti gifted to you. Blogger friends are the sweetest! Love the license plate. So cool.
    Happy New Week. Enjoy.

  6. Love the license plate! Not sure about the salmon jerky!

  7. Thank you so much Donna. The trade was so much fun, and I am so glad we are friends!

  8. Love the license plate , but what a FUN gift box to open !! I'd put that sticker on my SUV. The salmon sound's delicious , I'll eat it anyway I can get it !! Now I'm going to have to look on Amazon and find some.Have a great day :)) Tammy

  9. Love the goodies that she sent you! Salmon jerky sounds yummy!

  10. Love that licence plate tag! That bold yellow is fabulous. What a great swap!

  11. Very nice! Salmon jerky sounds pretty good actually! What are your plans for the license?



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