Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mountain Trippin'

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Last Saturday I was visiting with niece Olivia at the Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, North Carolina.  

(Read about the work they do here.)

Each week she and a group of other counselors lead campers of all ages out into the communities surrounding the center to build ramps, decks, repair roofs and other things the residents need assistance doing.

This is a view of the Smokey Mountains from the deck in the lodge where I stayed.

I had not seen Olivia since her trip to Japan so we spent a lot of Friday catching up. 

I had requested some paper from Japan and, boy, did she deliver!

Newspapers, menus, booklets, and washi tape.

The rest of the afternoon we spent in thrift shops and antique stores after a delicious lunch at Chevelle's on Hwy. 69.

We planned to go to a concert at the John C. Campbell Folk School so we stopped by a market to pick up something light for supper on the deck.

Smoked gouda, herb-crusted brie, grapes, fresh dates, raw okra, and green beans.


Read about the John C. Campbell Folk School here! 


We got so carried away watching the boaters on the lake and talking that we got a late start.

We missed two concerts by fifteen minutes, a dance by a day, and an antique auction by a half hour.

We were the Just Missed Girls!

Deciding on an early start for Saturday, we went to bed by midnight.

A delicious meal at Mary's - not sure which highway. but just ask - everyone eats breakfast there.

Next up was the Friends of the Library store located in the Hayesville library complex.

I have never seen such a wonderful library store.

Books were carefully arranged - from antique to vintage to new by author and subject.

I dove into the sale area filling a whole shopping basket.

The store also offered small vintage treasures for sale.

See the shopping bag?  There are yellow coupons all around the edges. You bring your bag back and you get the discount or a free book.

I showed a sneak preview yesterday, but I promise to show my book loot soon.

Leaving the library store, Olivia and I made our way to the Hayesville town square where vendors set up on Saturday.

I did not ask the name of the jam and jelly guy, but he is a minister in town and did his basic training in the late 1950's at Fort Gordon near my home.

I bought ginger-peach and raspberry-jalapeno jams.  I had to buy Mom's Pickles - they tasted just like my grandmother's.

Next to him was Janelle Hayes with Bear Body Bliss.

She makes sugar scrubs.

I selected lemon-lavender.

Look at the packaging - a wood slice burned with a bear image and a tiny wooden spoon.

Olivia chose spearmint.

We hit Foster's Flea market for a quick run through before heading back to the Hinton Center to pack up.

If you did read yesterday's post then you know I broke my No Junkin' rule.

However, take a look at the Old Coffin Carrier - it is not even a third full.

So I did practice restraint which is very difficult in a place where there is a thrift or antique store every quarter mile.

I always seem to learn something a little bit naughty on every trip.

The Daily Grind in Murphy was where we ate a late lunch.


Coffee shop by day, pub by night.

I'll let you look up the English of the Gaelic saying Pog Mo Thion.

I drove back in a small tornado which blew down several trees just six cars and a semi in front of me.

It meant backtracking about thirty miles.

That storm followed me for three hours!

I must admit I used Pog Mo Thion several times!

See y'all!

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  1. What a fun weekend, Donna. Just perfect. And thank you for the new phrase, I'm sure I'll find use for it soon.

  2. I'm so glad you girls had a wonderful time! I would have been worn completely out, but with a big smile on my face. I think you made wonderful purchases and cannot wait to see the rest! I like the new phrase. :-) The hubster gets to hear that on occasion. I think I will use the new words just to change it up a bit! :-)

  3. Well, Pog Mo Thion! :-) Sounds like a fun fun trip. I do love a good library book store. There's a really good one in Lexington KY. I wish the library here could get its act together. They didn't even have their summer book sale this year. Can't wait to see the book haul.

  4. You always have great visits and wonderful finds with Olivia! You know I had to look up Pog Mo Thoin - and found a song on Youtube!

  5. We've been to the folk school. My wife took a class about making bears, and I made Artist Trading Cards. The land is lovely out there, and the meals were delicious. I think we went for about 4 days. The drive across the entire state of NC wasn't bad, but we wish we would have been closer. (We live near the coast.) My wife's mom got to be a student docent twice for two 6-month stents. She loved it. We hope to go back.

  6. Oh, Donna, that's funny! I just posted something on my FB page last night that goes right along with that - I'll send it to you.
    The very first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the bed of the coffin carrier was, "she fell off the wagon". Good thing you already confessed, and cleaning the stuff up is penance enough. Good loot, and looks like a great trip. Glad you didn't end up a missed girl through the storms.

  7. What a fun trip! I give up.....I got the same translation in English as the original at 4 different sites!!?? I hope to have as fun and successful a trip as yours next week when we head east to Springfield and Boston, Mass. I am breaking my no buying vow too!

  8. Looks like such a fun and relaxing trip!


  9. What a fun weekend! I'm keeping "Pog Mo Thion" in my mind for the next time the electrician comes to Cottage!


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