Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Finds

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Hey, y'all!

I know I have been away for a week, but I am back to show what I picked up on my trip to Hayesville, NC.

More about the trip tomorrow.


Yes, I broke my No Junkin' rule.

I am looking for a big farm mail box for a customer for her wedding, but all I found was this rusty black one.

I bought the rustic wood sign for the rough texture of the wood - I did not see the tin fish on it until I bought it.

I promise I did not steal the Gale Drive sign.

A large bottle crate -Kulmbacher - whatever that is.

A complete set of Little House On The Prairie.

A dusty blue divided box.

A small bench.

A tomato sign.

Two Royal Flush Inc. signs - one bullet-ridden.

A huge bin filled with books!!!

A few of the older ones.

I will take pics so the bibliophiles out there can drool.

I bought the metal candle lantern because it reminded me of Tardis.

I bought these few bottles.

I realized later I should have bought more from the guy at the flea market - I am low on bottles in the booth.

A set of twelve small jelly glasses with stars around the rims.

Great for individual votives at place settings.

Thanks to Jeannette at Mountain Creek Antiques for bundling a deal on the wedding photos.

Also on the two graduation photos of a lovely young lady.

Leaves Of Gold - a great seller and a great gift for graduations.

Especially when the inscription is from Christmas, 1964.

I love this plaque.

It became even more beautiful after I cleaned it.

Water babies!

A Victorian plaster frame with a plaster grouping of leaves and fruit on canvas.

Needs some tedious restoration.

I will wait until a rainy day.

I fell in love with hornet nests.

We do not have a lot of them around here.

The saleslady at Molly & Me Antiques In Hayesville helped me choose one.

A customer wants one to hang at her wedding venue.

After that everywhere Olivia and I went there were hornet nests.

A box filled with tiny bird nests and hornet nests from Molly & Me.

Besides adding a wire hanger, you do need to stabilize them with spray varnish.

I also added a bit of Mod Podge to one.

This is a close up of the one above which has lost the paper covering.

I plan to have them hanging in my C-23 booth this weekend.

I know I have not answered your comments and have not visited your blogs and have not linked to your parties, but I was worn out and had a lot of things to get done when I came home.

I promise to come visiting soon.

Look for my Mountain Trippin' post this weekend.

Thanks to these lovely places:

Molly & Me (HERE)
892 Main Street
Hayesville, NC 

Bob Storring
Recycled Treasures 
1542 HWY 64W
Hayesville, NC 28904 

Mountain Creek Antiques (HERE)
1604 GA Highway 76/17
Young Harris, GA 30582
Facebook page

Foster's Antiques, Flea Market & Trading Post
Junction 19 & 129
100 Blairsville HWY
Murphy, NC 28906

See y'all!

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  1. Wow Donna you scored big. I love all your finds. That cherub plaque is gorgeous. The books are a great find too. You go girl!

  2. Klumbacher is a brewery and schweizer hof brau means german restaurant or tavern.

    I like the signs with the bullet holes -love to hear the story behind that!

  3. Lots of great finds! I knew you couldn't hold out, but I'm sure you showed restraint!

  4. So what did Chucks say about all those wonderful things you brought home and the buying hiatus being over??!!! :-) Donna, you just find the best treasures! All so lovely and unique!

  5. Donna you found some goodies on your trip. Love the wedding and graduation photographs.

  6. I think you showed a pretty strong sense of restraint for a buying trip after a long self-imposed dry spell. Nice finds, but I'm not wild about flying, buzzing, stinging things, so I could do with out the hornet's nests. I cannot wait to see more of the books!

  7. Good finds Donna ... glad you broke your No Junkin' rule in fine style. I missed seeing all your treasures every week. Of course, I am sure you still have a lot of treasures to uncover in your house. I, for one, love the hornet nests ... they are an amazing work of art. I don't like hornets or wasps, but what they build is beautiful. We had a beautiful, huge hornet nest hanging in the garage that I was saving my our Grandson. Along came this little tiny house wren and tore it up to use to build her nest. Just destroyed it before I knew it.
    Glad you are home with a bunch of new treasures.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Nice stuff! Those hornets nests are interesting and I never thought to decorate with one.

  9. Hornets nests?! There are a few on my house you can have! 'Course ya gotta get rid of the hornets!

  10. I love old boxes and crates as you know. The blue one is so much fun!!! I don't know what I'd do with the hornest nests but the other little nests are adorable. I know that people will buy them. Your booth is always fun! Can't wait to visit soon! Probably will be September before we get home.

  11. You sure found some great junk! A hornet's nest? I can't say I've ever seen one for sale. Love your treasures especially the tomato sign and those bottles.

  12. I save wasp nests, too. I love the ones that have the tiny little cavities. I collect many bits of outside goodies. I need to make some shadow boxes! Thank you for sharing your finds with us!

  13. Oh man, we have those hornet's nests everywhere here. We have to knock them down off the eaves of the house and dig them from inside bird's houses.



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