Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage books, vintage games, found treasures
Another week of Friday Finds and I am still shopping my house.

 In fact Chucks has gotten into this spree, but he is getting a tad apprehensive about my zeal of clearing all clutter.

This suitcase was sitting at the end of the guest room bed.

It was filled with vintage games, playing cards, and bridge tally cards.

Yep, all went into the sell pile. 

We managed to clear an entire closet of boxed treasures.

Here's a tiny portion - bottles, books, and magazines.

Yep, that's Yul Brynner as The King.

Shall we dance?

Chucks and I have to be careful with our collection of books.

We do not wish to die in a house with huge stacks of books everywhere.

Once a year we cull the herd.

Manuel Of Ancient History - 1895!

Everyday Foods is a Home Ec textbook from the 1950's.

600 Ways To Get Rich - 1892.

This one is filled with notes from the reader.

He was serious about getting rich!

This book of poems printed in the 1880's - I wish I had photographed the marbleized cover.

For irony I have shown the Corn poem by Sidney Lanier.

Not one hive!

Yep, all went into the sell pile.

Once upon a long time ago, this cute primitive cabinet hung in Chucks's bath with old shaving brushes and mugs.

Yep, it went into the sell pile.

Sometimes Chucks or I fall for a cutesy sign.

Time to cull the herd.

Yep, all went into the sell pile.

Right now you are asking yourself, did she buy anything this week?


I am now junk sober for 22 days!

I did buy something for me - a Mary and some rhinestone earrings.

Doesn't count!

Where are all these treasures in the sell pile going?

I will reveal that tomorrow!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh my Donna, you are a hoot! I would love shuffling through all your good stuff. However, I know that sometimes we just have to say goodbye to our stuff and allow someone else to love it for awhile.
    And, No, your last two purchases do not count!


  2. On the one hand, I admire your persistence in your sobriety. On the other, I am starting to worry that one day in the not-so distant future you'll come out of your decluttering haze in a totally barren house.

  3. I think I could go without buying anything and open another booth, too. Let's see how much longer you can hold out on junkin. I think you can hold out for the 127 sale in a month. I've gotta start doing my research on that!

  4. Oh my! You are in serious decluttering mode! Good for you, but I'm with Eddie, don't get rid of everything or you might just go crazy! I do know the feeling of letting it go to someone else. I've been selling my Pyrex and feels good! Way to go Donna!


  5. You go girl! Oh, how I wish I had somewhere I could unload all this junk I bought to list on Etsy! I just don't know if I am ever going to have the time or energy to deal with it while working full time and all the remodeling projects we are doing and planning. Some! I'm sure mine is nothing compared to yours though. I know yu've been collecting longer than I have. Good luck sorting and purging!

  6. Wow, you're on a roll! Love all these things you're finding around your house and I bet it feels good to clear some of it out.


  7. Ummm, I love old books and would happily purchase some of them. Will you sell and ship? I bet Chucks thinks you are getting rid of stuff so that you can replace it with other stuff...LOL Men usually think that way!

  8. I'm trying to follow your lead in clearing the clutter. I haven't bought anything for resale in a cole of weeks and I shopped my house for stuff to sell at the booth. At least it's a step in the right direction. Go Donna!

  9. Good for you, selling and decluttering at the same time! Every time I make room that way, I fill up the spaces again. Gotta work on that. Looks like lots of goodies will be for sale.....somewhere, lol. :)

  10. You do have to "cull the herd" every once in a while.

  11. Way to go Donna. It does feel good to get rid of stuff, especially if you can sell it all. That's just a win win!

  12. I never include the "me" things as thrifting! They are a bonus that I just had to have. I will be cleaning out to give stuff to my daughter for a yard sale. She gets half the profits!

  13. Dibs!!! Darn...too far away for a quick day trip! We have a Mary similar to yours — tall and thin. We also have busts and planters. There's something about Mary!

  14. Well, you are on a roll girl; It's hard to toss things into the sell pile and you are doing it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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