Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mail Call

Painting a shelf and a mail box
I had this cute two-shelf stand in my booth forever.  

It was brass with faux wood shelves.

It deserved a make over.

Also had bought a mail box.

It deserved a make over.

I neglected a before pic.

Use your imagination.

I used Rust-Oleum Ivory Silk.

One coat did the trick.

The shelves were wood grain Masonite.

Mail call for Rosemary - Hammered Rosemary!

I have found that two very light coats of the hammered metallic paints are better than a full first coat.

She turned out much prettier than her stodgy before self.

Sometimes a girl just needs to get hammered.

The mail box had been painted numerous times.

The last a bronze.

I did love the "Mail" embossed on it.

Used Rust-Oleum Strawflower - a very lovely shade of yellow.

However I fear if you are a lover of the Rust-Oleum flower colors, I think they are all being discontinued...

I know Sweet Pea Pink, Strawflower, and Cornflower Blue (not sure that is the correct name) are going, going, gone.

All the bronze has disappeared.

But of course it looks too new for me.

And I cannot see "Mail".

Using a sanding sponge, I distressed the mail box down to a former lavender layer.

Love the details now.

As I was trying to set up a place to take photos and NOT show the junk in the living room, it started thundering.

Which means Willie is stuck to me like glue.

But luckily he always falls for the old treat trick.

Two more projects sneaked in between the rain showers.

Next week the weather forecast calls for sun, sun, sun.

The last time I heard that prediction, we had over four inches of rain for the week.

Since I have not been sanding and painting, I have been shopping.

Uh, oh!

Oh, no!

Oh, yes, shopping!

See y'all!

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If you are in the Georgia/Carolina area, you may be interested.

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  1. Love your make overs, especially the mail box. I love Rustoleum too!
    The blue color is Wildflower Blue. Haven't tried the hammered metallic spray but have used the textured spray in Rustic Umber......makes metal items look rusty.
    Can hardly wait to see your new finds!

  2. Your mailbox and shelf are quite lovely and I really like that strawflower color. So glad you got "hammered"! LOL!

  3. I continue to think, while reading your wonderful posts, how brave you are with a can of paint. Then I marvel at the results. I will live out my desire to upcycle and re-do without any know how, vicariously through you!!

  4. Wow, what a makeover! Love a girl who get's 'hammered'!!

  5. Love the mailbox makeover! I used to be a mail carrier...:) That was before teaching and I was a sub for my mama. The little shelf turned out so pays to get hammered now and then! LOL Have a fantabulous weekend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. Love the remakes...wish I lived closer....I would sooooo be poking in your booth!!!! I live n Fl.

  7. WOW the make overs are great - really like how they look. What did we ever do before Spray Paint.
    Have a good one.

  8. Love the finished look! Hope they come up with replacements for the discontinued colors. What's a girl, namely Donna, to do without them?

  9. Oh NO, Donna, you are not going shopping AGAIN !!! ... yes, you will and I don't blame you. You find some really neat stuff. Love the make-over on the mailbox and the little stand. If I can find that Rust-Oleum Ivory Silk it may just be perfect for my metal shelf for the bath re-do. Strawflower is pretty too.
    Thanks for inspiring.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Poor Willie! During a thunderstorm a few weeks ago, my black German Shepherd ended up running into my bedroom. How did he get in the house? Through the screen door. That was shut.

    Big baby!


  11. You drop and bomb (say that you've been shopping) and run. No fair. Come right back here, and tell us what you have been shopping FOR! Whadya buy?


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