Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tool Caddy Triplets

distressed painting tool caddies
Everyone on the planet knows I love to work with tool caddies.

Today I have triplets for you.

Quite a handsome group.

The black one started life as plain old wood.

Homemade, but not homely.

Unique, in fact.

Love that tall divider and the four compartments inside.

I showed you the gray one before - more about the mirror next week.

A dependable fellow divided into two compartments with a handle inside so he is stackable.

A good trait in a tool caddy.

I thought I showed you the blue one, but, oops, I did not.

So here it is already sanded down.

Love the shape of this one.

The gray one was sanded very heavily.

At this point I must admit to deleting the whole process of painting the wood one with Americana Chalky Paint in carbon which I bought with my own dollars, but you have seen painting before.

I also sanded the black slightly and coated with a spray satin varnish.

Just use your imagination.

Now back to the photos I did take.

I wiped the blue and the gray tool caddies with Mission Oak stain.

See the before and after of the bright blue toned down to perfection.

I spread the stain with a foam brush and wiped it off with a heavy duty paper towel.





The tool caddy triplets are over at Riverfront Antique Mall. 

See y'all!

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  1. I have an old tool caddy out in my shed. You've inspired me to bring it in and at least look at it for awhile! LOL! Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! I love them all, but especially the blue one.

  3. Love tool caddies myself and your distressing really makes them look great!

  4. I love the "PATINA!" added at the end. I got a good laugh. So, I started refinished a piece last week straight outta 1959. Literally - it is stamped 1959 on the bottom. Well, the spray paint DID NOT want to stick... AND I ran out... so I bought more this weekend. I'm going to try doing a light sanding on the whole piece to see if more spray paint sticks. Otherwise... I'm going to be sad.

  5. When I saw the word "Patina!", I thought of that dance that Pee Wee Herman did in his movie. I forget what it was called, but my mind went there and had a good time! Patina!

  6. Tequila! Patina! All the same to me...hahaha.
    Love that blue one that you added the stain to.

  7. I just love these, especially the gray one with the handle inside! I love the way you put stain over the paint - gorgeous!

  8. I had to go get a napkin to wipe the drool from my eyes so I could finish this post.......Love them...love em..BEAUTIFUL!.

  9. I LOVE the blue one! I'm a wood caddy lover!

  10. I wrote a nice comment and it just vanished. This has happened before, so must be more careful.... Anyway, love your triplets ... so different and so pretty. I love the blue one because of the shape and the stain is perfect to add PATINA. Stain is so much easier to control. Dark wax sometime can make things look dirty. Stain is all we used in the 'olden days' and I still have pieces I aged that way. You did a great job on them and they will be good in your shop.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Gotta get me a tool box. I really want that mirror since I am doing a collage of mirrors and have found only a few unique ones like this.

  12. I love all three of them, especially the blue one! Great storage too. Have a lovely week Donna!
    Hugs, Deborah

  13. Oh I love all of them Donna - can't pick one - so just ship the 3 of them to me please, thank you.
    Someone told me once that they " recognized " my link ups - I recognized you with this one - they're fabulous !!!

  14. I love your triplets! They all turned out great.

  15. I've always loved tool caddies and use them for display around my home. You have done an amazing job transforming these three. Love your blog!

  16. Donna, these turned out great! Love the patina you achieved. Thanks for the inspiration! I have at least 2 or 3 tool boxes that need to be transformed, just wish I had more time!

  17. I love too boxes too Donna! All are great scores, but I love the blue one! Yup, patina does the trick! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Wow! Those turned out great! I found one recently but the original patina was so great I can't bear to touch it...maybe the next one will get the makeover I originally had in mind. lol.

  19. Any one of those tool caddies would be perfect for our home. wish I were close enough to shop.

  20. Congrats for being featured over at the "Anything Blue Friday" blog party at "The Dedicated House" blog! Love the patina that you achieved on these tool caddies...thanks for sharing the process with us. And oh how many times have I deleted pics that I did not mean to (OR forget to put the memory card in the camera before taking pics).

  21. Donna, saw your feature--congrats! LOVE that blue caddy! Blessings, Cecilia

  22. I just found your blog and I think your projects are terrific! Great to meet you.... I'm going to go see your FB page :)

  23. I really fall in love with how you take picture of those triplets caddies, very inspiring :)


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  24. I really fall in love with how you take picture of those triplets caddies, very inspiring :)


    airless sprayer


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