Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frozen In The Fifties

vintage toys and finds, Dakin Dream Pets
It was a house frozen in the fifties.

I never left the basement.

Heavy on pics because I loved everything I bought.

Two Navy duffel bags from the forties.

 A homemade Eeyore.

There were tables and tables of toys.

A tiger from Japan.

A red mouse -  Dream Pets by R. Dakin.

The tag also has The Imposters.  Clues anyone?       

 A rubber bunny that squeaks.

A chalkware Wimpy - Popeye's buddy - probably a carnival prize.

A whole stack of crocheted items from poodles to doll jackets.

The plastic bag holds Eye Of God (Ojo de Dios) medallions.

 Sweet tiny mittens.

A patchwork doll blanket.

A charming stuff animal obviously made by a child.

There were framed photos of the dolls wearing the crocheted jackets.

Two tiny aprons - one is for Christmas.

Barbara's suitcase.

A box filled to the brim with doll tea sets, linens, and utensils.

I could not photograph them all.

A tiny embroidered tablecloth and napkins for a doll table.

I just missed getting the doll table - it sold when I walked up.

Some utensils were aluminum.  I have seen eggbeaters this size, but never a meat grinder.

The plastic spoons are the official Dairy Queen spoons.

Several partial tea sets of aluminum.

Embossed designs.

Love this fleur de lis set of plates and saucers.

Tiny egg cups and S&P's.

 A roll of admission tickets.

 A little red wagon.

 Nine foot ladder.

A Spartan ladder made by the Carolina Ladder Company in Charleston, SC.

A  broom.


For dessert I went to a barn sale.

Bought a huge mailbox, a rake head, a blue tackle box.

A tiny funnel and a brass numbered tag.

So theme of the day was fifties and tiny.

Not bad.

I am still sorting through it.

See y'all! 

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  1. Oh my gosh what finds! I love the duffel bags. I haven't gone thrift store shopping this week and your post is making salivate! Maybe I'll go out today, Great job!

  2. OOOOOhhh Donna! What great buys.... We could never shop together...we love the same things..... You had a great day...Love the goodies from the barn.

    Happy Hunting!


  3. What a haul it all!
    Going to do a little pickin' this morning myself.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Oh, man! What an awesome sale. Did you go back more than once?

    What are your plans for the mailbox? I picked up an great old one at a church sale this summer and still haven't done anything with it. The last name is handwritten in the most wonderful handwriting along the side and I don't want to change that. I bet I can find a million ideas on Pinterest but I thought I'd ask you first :-)


  5. "For dessert I went to a barn sale." Love it!!! Um, the framed photos of the dolls....creeeeeepy.

  6. This photo-heavy post was not photo-heavy enough. I was mesmerized. The first sale: basically you could have been morphed back in time and were at my house when I was a kid. Please tell me the story of that sale!

  7. Very exciting finds, Donna. I have a fondness for tiny aluminum tea sets. I played with one at my Mamaw's every day that I was there. The duffels....ooh aahhhh! I'm with Cheryl....tell us more!

  8. I can just see you having all that fun digging through stuff and finding such sweet treasures. I bet you got stuck in time and hated to leave. Love the wagon.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. I love aluminum and little tea sets, but I've never seen little tea sets made of aluminum So sweet. Love the blue tackle box too. So many great finds!

  10. I love the finds from this sale. It is hard to pick a favorite. I am always drawn to the toy dishes and utensils. I have never seen a mini meat grinder. I would have been stuck in the basement, too!

  11. What a fun day, Donna! Loving those Navy bags and all the doll accessories. That meat grinder is pretty amazing.
    Take care--

  12. What amazing finds! Love all the doll dishes!

  13. How do you ever find these! I want the ladder and the wagon. I have been looking for a vintage wagon. Cool finds! Won't be there this weekend. Mr. H is taking me to the mountains. I can't believe. He texted today and said, we can get the mountain cabin this weekend, do you want to go. Duh! Yeah! See ya in a few.

  14. I would've loved to have been there with you, amazing finds.

  15. I love that era...and through the 70's then time can stop there for me! followed you from Etcetorize linky!

  16. Oh my goodness what fun shopping!

  17. I think that your mini meat grinder is actually for making french style green beans. I have my in with the play dishes too.

  18. I remember those spoons! Donna, your love and respect for these vintage items really shines through...and I love that you love them so, and find them good homes. :) Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life!

  19. Truly wonderful, awesome, amazing finds!! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  20. I gasped when I saw homemade Eyeore. What a find!


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