Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kitchen Table Secrets

Vintage kitchen table, layers of paint, patina
When I was growing up, the kitchen table was privy to many secrets.

It was where we confessed our criminal activity for the day hoping for reprieves.

It was where we sobbed over best friends who left us behind.

It was where love was given disguised as delicious food.

The kitchen table was the center of our universe.

When I found this forties kitchen table painted in layers of paint missing its drop leaves, I knew it held a secret.

I had to dig down through the layers to reveal the beauty underneath.

Using a hand sander with medium grit paper, I powered through a white layer, a barn red layer, a brown layer,  and a blue layer.

To reveal the original green layer with the fruit and flower paintings.

No, I did not go any further.


I thought the beauty of this table was in the decades of patina built by many hands.

So look closely and enjoy.


The secrets kitchen tables could tell if only we had the time and patience to find them.

See y'all!

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  1. Now that is true shabby chic! Gorgeous surprise.

  2. That is really pretty and good for you for having the patience to uncover that beautiful painting! Our kitchen table was 8 X 4 and had to be built in our kitchen because it was so big.

  3. Awesome. Just awesome! And perfect for my house :-)


  4. I wish it was still it's original green... so beautiful!

  5. Love this post...if that table could talk. I'm glad that you left all that history behind.

  6. I bet many stories have been told over that table as well as many a tear shed over it! I am amazed that you were able to reveal the fruit painting without damaging it too badly. It is so pretty. I love the size too and the pretty little legs! Will you be keeping or selling? I have looked and looked for a used table in the style and size I want and have yet to find it, so it looke like Joey and I will be building one ourselves! Hopefully before the holidays arrive...:) Have a blessed week....Vicky

  7. Great find Donna.......love that table!
    Going to keep it?

  8. Oh my, I am so glad you did not go any further.. I was just about to yell, no, no, no...when I seen you hadn't. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, the table thanks you, the buyer will thank you!!! Loving that table!

  9. Gorgeous!
    I love that painted motif and the story you put with this table.
    I wonder now... what stories that table might hold?
    glad you found it and shared it!

  10. Definitely a treasure for today that fruit motif is wonderful

  11. Oh my, love the patina on that pretty lady! The kitchen table was the hub of the family for sure. Boy have things changed! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. What a lovely post Donna, and a sweet surprise!

  13. Get out of here!!! OH how lucky you are :) LOVE this sooooo much!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Thanks for sharing @ TTF, Donna.

  15. Love it! Your efforts were not wasted--


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