Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mirror In Distress

Farragoz paint techniques, distressed mirror
If something is new, I make it old.

That would be my mantra.

Distressed is my name after all.

How to make a perfectly good mirror a primitive beauty

I showed you this mirror before. (here)

I sanded the heck out of the finish.

Both sides.

Then I sanded the heck out of the back of the mirror.

I used a fine grit with my hand sander.

Be careful - you do NOT want to scratch the glass.

That's just ugly, not distressed!

Sprayed a light coat of Looking Glass followed by a light spritz of alcohol.

Repeated that step one more time.

Sometimes I do a third, but two turned out to be the look I wanted.

I painted the whole back - wood and glass with black paint.

I used techniques learned in my Farragoz course to paint layers and layers of paint followed by a light scraping and sanding.

She is a primitive beauty.

I was tempted to add a bauble or two at the top, but since she is going to the booth, I did not.

Maybe if my bathroom mirror was distressed, I would not be so distressed over what my hair looks like each morning!

 See y'all!

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  1. Well done :) thanks for the instructions !

  2. Well done Donna........looks good!

  3. This is a technique I've never tried but now I kind of want to. Guess I'll be looking for a mirror at yard sales. Instead of painting the back of the mirror black, what would happen if I put sheet music or a map behind it I wonder?

  4. Very cool, Donna!
    I think you should put a video feed to the booth so I could shop more conveniently. LOL

  5. Hah! You know, some days I forget to look in the mirror until many hours after I get up. I'm always amazed. The wildness cannot be contained. Love the mirror.

  6. Oh Donna I love this mirror! You did a wonderful job! I have not yet distressed a mirror but one of these days I am going to. Thank you for the tutorial!

  7. I love the way your mirror turned out. I've never tried to distress mirror glass, but it looks awesome.

  8. Timely post Donna ... I am just starting to repair and work on an antique mirror that is damaged and the mirror has some loss of silver ... may want to do more, but not sure about sanding it. It may just flake off by rubbing. Anyway, I now know what to do if it doesn't ... thanks for your tutorial. Your really changed the look of that new mirror. Looks great.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. I just spent all day distressing picture frames to make them look old. You did a great job on this project! We should have worked together.

  10. I am so bad at distressing that it distresses me and my hands more than it's worth!! I will just continue to admire your work!

  11. Your project turned out so great! Thanks for sharing it with us at Make It Monday!

  12. looks awesome, Donna! I've been wanting to replace my contractor's special mirrors that are in booth my bathrooms. They look horrible. Maybe I should tackle a mirror project?

  13. You always know just what to do with stuff to make it even more awesome! Nice project girl!

  14. Yup, you've got distressed down that's for sure Donna. Great job! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


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