Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yellow Fellow - Bookshelf Beau

 This is the story of Yellow Fellow, the Bookshelf Beau.  Remember I had left him in the back of my Blazer with Miss Star Dust, the bed that could, for several days.  They snuggled and got quite acquainted with each other until I pulled them apart to paint them.  Miss Star Dust  became a lovely summer sky color after distressing.  As for her beau Yellow Fellow, well...

Here is his before picture.

And to the right is his after picture!

It does not appear I did anything with him and I will tell you why.

After a good washing,  I noticed that under the bright yellow coat of paint was a lavender paint.  Now I like the look of yellow and lavender together - you can just look around my yard and tell that.  Maybe, just maybe, I could use a finish grit sandpaper and take just some of the yellow away and leave some lavender peeking through.  Those of you who do this, know sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail.  


After sanding with the palm sander, the lavender came through with little difficulty.  When doing this, always think of where a piece of furniture would wear.  I try to think of places on the piece that people would touch or handle a lot.

I heavily distressed around the front of the bookshelf where things would be slid in and out.  Also, in the middle of the top where something would be placed.  Down the sides I chose to think of it rubbing against another piece of furniture.

You do not want to end up with just random scratches here or there.  The piece will not look naturally distressed.

Why did I buy Yellow Fellow?

 I have a weird attraction to furniture carrying the unmistakable scars of mouse and rat gnawing.  Don't know why because I do not care for vermin, but I think the little holes add a certain distressful air to the furniture.

Yellow Fellow had a mouse-sized bite on the top corner.  There must have been something good in the bookshelf, but I had to wonder why didn't the mouse just run around to the front?

Now I know whoever buys Yellow Fellow will most likely repaint him and fix this hole, but it will really be there under the repair, won't it?  I think he is good at keeping secrets.  I still don't know what he and Miss Star Dust were up to in the back of the truck!

Here Yellow Fellow sits happily next to Miss Star Dust (you can just see a peek of her on the left.) carrying quite a load of items for sell.  I know those of you who do sell in antique malls are appalled at the condition of this booth.  Actually, except for pushing Yellow Fellow back some for his picture, I had just finished cleaning and straightening.  I like my booth to have that "treasures in the attic" feel. I encourage my customers to dig all they want.

After seeing these pics, I've gotten sort of attached to Yellow Fellow.  Maybe Miss Star Dust did find his hidden charms!

This photo has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I had to show you these sweet little silverware pouches.  Some wonderfully talented person took ordinary white rolled silverware pouches and embroidered linen covers to sew to them. I had to display them in a box with pink tissue paper and pink French seam binding ribbon.

In other business, the debate continues about whether those little wheels on furniture are casters or castors.  I looked it up in a real live paper dictionary to discover both are correct.  "Caster" is the preferred spelling and "castor" is the acceptable spelling. So, guess what, we were ALL right!

Come back to sit and browse again.  I'll be here!

See y'all!

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