Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tiny Treasure Trove

Those of you who follow know Chucks, my husband,  developed severe back pains, refused to go to the doctor, fell walking up the stairs (luckily staying on the landing), and hurt it worse.  He is getting much better (thanks to all who sent blessings!)  However, the doctor wants him to stay on the happy pills for another week.  That meant I had to run to the pharmacy for a refill on the very day I usually go thrifting.  (Can't you tell I would have made a wonderful, caring nurse?)  So I trudged off to wait in line, thinking of all those treasures disappearing, only to discover to my delight, they were way, way backed up and said it would be at least 90 minutes before they could fill it.  (Nice way of saying 1 1/2 hours, isn't it!) 

I literally ran to my car and headed out to the Habitat Restore where I picked up this chippy, home-made mirror, the hat rack with wooden knobs (the price was too good to pass up - originally I just wanted the knobs, but the rack is growing on me -it might live to see another day!), and these four spindles painted white on one side and yellow on the other.  I cannot decide why they were painted this way unless one side faced a yellow room and the other a white one.

Look at the detail on this mirror.  It is missing some molding down each side, but the wavy glass and the scoured white paint are so-o-o special.

Next I ran to the antique mall to straighten my booth and one of the dealers had brought me a bag of these Ball and Presto zinc lids with the milk glass inserts.  I grabbed and paid - these will be perfect for displaying my frozen Charlottes!

Off to the Bargain Box where they were having Take Home a Knife For A Nickel Day.  Of course I obeyed and got ten knives - maybe plant stakes? I bought the tin bucket, three yards of blue ball fringe, and some neat flash cards, too!

Final find of the day was this beautiful pale blue and white table.  It probably would have just needed some sanding and waxing to be perfect if the man had not been using it to hold a can of noxious brown glue  spilling  it in several places.

The wire freezer basket came from Habitat.  I usually use them in the yard, but plan to do something different with this one.

When I arrived back home, I dosed Chucks and sent him off to bed for a nap.  I had partially unloaded the truck when a storm blew up and it poured down.  I am not going to complain about getting rain.  We have only had about seven inches this year and desperately need it.  I have a small opportunity this morning to get some painting done outside before more storms roll in this afternoon so I am ending this post.

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