Friday, May 25, 2012

America the Beautiful Mirror

It is Memorial Day weekend.  Schools are dismissing for the summer, grills are being fired up, trips are being planned, and everyone is gearing up for outdoor fun. We must remember, however, that the basis for this holiday is to honor all those who have served to protect our country and our freedoms.  We must take a quiet moment to reflect upon the sacrifices individuals and families have made and thank them.

(Please forgive me if I hung the flag the wrong way. I am never sure when I hang it down which side the stars should be.)

I had planned to do several projects with an Americana theme, but the heat was oppressive today so I did not finish as much as I wanted.  I started early this morning with the primitive mirror I bought at Habitat two weeks ago.  (Don't worry - I am still junk sober and only shopping in my house!)

I saw potential in this mirror.  The glass itself is antique -thick and wavy.  I think someone built a frame for it and painted it white.  During its next makeover, it was sanded and corner supports were added.  After this, some kind soul reinforced the back with a sturdy piece of plywood.  This addition was fairly recent because the plywood looked brand new.  Evidently the previous owner was not pleased with the result and the mirror was donated to Habitat.

(Lucky, lucky me!  Happy dance, please!)

First I used craft acrylic paint to paint the back.  This was the only paint that could stand the heat.  I used a foam brush and kept dipping it into water to keep the paint flowing across the board.  I used a bright red mixed with a barn red.  I know this was not necessary, but I like the backs of things to be finished in some way.

Next I applied a medium blue.  I mixed paint to water about two to one.  I wanted the paint to soak into the wood and not rest on the top.  I painted with a brush to get into the crevices around the joints.

Of course the reason I bought the mirror was the chippy white paint on the frame so I did not want to lose the texture of the old paint.

Here I have applied the blue over the white.

Immediately after painting. I rubbed with a rough, cheap paper towel dampened with water over the area to reveal the white paint.  I was moving fast because of the heat.  I could have used a glaze medium or an extender, but chose not to.

Water is always the cheapest option!

Next I added AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - LONG MAY SHE LIVE around three sides in red.

I just free-handed the letters - I wanted that distressed, primitive look.

I stood the mirror up to see what else needed to be done.

Scout was busy trying to find the puppy in the mirror.  He insisted on looking behind it.

Willie had no interest.  He was off chasing lizards!

I decided it lacked something.  Then I thought of those gold stars bought on my low country crawl.

Not only were they gold, but glitter had been added. They were the little stars made from grapevine.  

I placed them on my ever-present, ever-helpful window screen and sprayed them white.  Yes, I forgot it was ninety degrees and humid.
Luckily the screen is light-weight so I ran around the yard looking for the coolest place out of the sun.  

I am sure my neighbor thought I was crazy! (I am almost positive I heard her tell someone that on her phone!)

It took about two hours, but they finally were dry enough to bring in the house.

I wired five stars - just an arbitrary number - no real significance.  Next I wrapped the ends of the wire around tacks and nailed them down the side of the mirror.

Here it is - a red, white, and blue primitive mirror ready to celebrate Memorial Day.

I will have to move the mirror to another place away from the pool.  Seeing yourself in a wet bathing suit is too much of a shock!

I hope your weekend is a safe and happy one.

I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to read my post.  If you have time leave a comment.

See y'all!


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