Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tinware Tizzy

I get into a tizzy over anything tin, steel, brass, or any metal (especially if it is rusty -I am a rust goddess after all!)  When Hobby Lobby puts all their tinware and wire baskets on sale, I go crazy.  

There are others of you out there I know - clutching your 40% off coupons and holding Sunday's ad close.  We are Hobby Lobby addicted.  You know when they check the list to see if you have a bad check history?  Well, my name is not on that list, but there is a special list: the DO NOT ALLOW THIS WOMAN TO BUY CRAFT SUPPLIES list.  Even though my last name starts with a "W", I am at the top of this list.  I will admit my buying is pretty heavy from November through April, then I come to a screeching halt - mainly because my stash has taken over the house.   

Currently I am proudly junk sober and have added "no craft supplies" to my vow.  The only exceptions will be paint and hardware needed to finish projects.  ( To be honest there is enough hiding among everything to finish everyone's projects!)

The tinware used in this post was purchased back in March.  If you need proof, I will scan the receipt!  I have used this tinware in a previous post.  It usually is sold in sets of two or three.  The items ranged from flat trays to large canisters.  The metal has a dark gray oiled-looking finish with designs pressed in to the metal. 

I selected two sets of candle boxes, a set of two square canisters, three buckets with decorative edges, and a set of two square buckets with chickens.  First I clean them with ammonia water, then use Rust-Oleum satin spray paint.  The humidity was not high on this day so painting in the sun was fine.

I actually held these while I painted them.  It was messy, but much quicker.  I was not looking for a perfect finish.  In fact, I rubbed some of the paint off while it was wet.  I wanted distressed.  HINT:  If you decide to spray paint while holding them, wear gloves or moisturized your hands with creamy petroleum jelly.  I also keep a bar of soap handy to scrap under my nails.  This makes for easy cleanup. 

 The canisters and their lids and one set of the candle boxes were painted a buttery yellow

The pails were painted a medium blue. The chicken buckets and the second set of candle boxes were painted colonial red.

Everyone seems to be behaving and drying to my satisfaction so I can slip away to...

...go and visit The Graphics Fairy.  I must decorate the tinware, and what better than tulle, French seam binding, and tags made from Karen's special images.

 For the yellow set of candle boxes, I chose this French Ferris wheel.   You are wondering what French Ferris wheels have to do with candle boxes?

Well, actually, nothing.  I just like this image and have been wanting to use it.  The colors were perfect. 

Here are two of the three candle boxes dressed for success in an ivory tulle bow, brown French seam binding, and the Ferris wheel tag.  I think instead of candles, these would be cute lined with a piece of vintage embroidered linen and cookies wrapped in waxed paper tied with ribbons.  I will save that idea for later.

This tag of a little girl at the beach seemed to suit the three pails down to matching the color blue.  The buckets received a white tulle bow with pink French seam binding.  These would be great poolside with refreshments like frozen grapes.  I love frozen grapes in the summer.  (Also, frozen Zero candy bars, but those are not healthy.  Bad, bad Donna!)

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the chickens on these buckets, but they reminded me of those vintage French graphics of chickens.  So, I know this is a long reach, I made a tag of the Eiffel Tower for them.  (Who knows there might be French hens at the Eiffel Tower.)
The tags were tied with a thin black ribbon and an ivory tulle bow.

You saw one of the finished canisters above, but here they are together.  Tags created from the vintage pink roses image; then tied with pink French seam binding with a white tulle bow.

Here they are displayed in my living room in white drawers.(Another unfinished project, though they are worked on daily.  I will reveal them at a later date!)

You will notice I did not use the red candle boxes.  I am saving them for another group of items with similar themes.
The blue pails and the yellow candle boxes nestle together on Yellow Fellow - Bookshelf Beau at the antique mall.  The others are there, too, but I did not take a photo because the other parts of my booth were not as color-coordinated.  

I hope I have passed my tin tizzy fever on to you so I am relieved of snatching them up at Hobby Lobby.  How good am I being to my vow?  Well, believe it or not, I did not even clip the coupon out of today's paper!

If you will be in the Georgia-Carolina area on Saturday, June 2nd,  the Peach Tree 23 yard sale is on for junkers everywhere.  It starts in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, and goes 44 miles down Highway 23 to Modoc, SC.  Most fun happens in Ridge Springs.  In the past I have filled one truck, brought it home, and took off to fill the other truck!   I know. I am supposed to be junk sober, but I might have to slide a little on that vow next weekend!

Have a productive and happy week - it begins with a holiday.  That's always nice.  I welcome you to visit again.  There's something metal out on the patio as we speak - got to go finish it!

See y'all!

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