Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Special Mother's Day Card

Lizzie and Jo

This is one of my favorite pictures of my grandmother and my mother.  Whoever took it (I suspect it was my grandfather - he had a wicked sense of humor!) made it appear as if they were leaving the bar behind them - the Papst sign headlining them.  Lizzie and Jo are walking down Broad Street - my mother just out of high school.

I chose this picture as the feature on my mother's card for this Sunday.  She is not feeling well and has cancelled most of our original plans so the day will be a quiet one.  I hope the humor will cheer her up.

First I scanned and printed two copies of the picture on a 110 lb. antiqued paper. One copy I cut out using my scrappy-happy scissors with the old photo edge blade.  The other copy I carefully trimmed around Lizzie and Jo to remove the background.  (Some are saying Photo Shop, Donna, but I do it the old-fashioned way.)

*Inkadinkadoo background script stamp for the front and back of the card
*7 gypsies stamp set
*Prima stamp set
*Stampabilities black and gold ink pads
*Paper Studio cream card and envelope
*The Mind's Eye double-sided paper
*Narrow black ribbon

I stamped a gold background for the cutout and added a clock face (my grandfather was a jeweler who worked with clocks),  a portion of a French bill (my grandfather's family was French), and  adhered the two figures.  I made two small banners for the inside - one with three stars (there were three children) and the other "beautiful" (for obvious reasons).


I added birds in flight and a crown for each of them, cut out the square and adhered it to the card (already stamped with the script).

For the inside left, I made a pocket from the double-sided paper (French text on one side with polka dots on the other).  I scalloped the edge and turned to the front with a ribbon tie.  I used glue strips to adhere the pocket to the card and stamped on some birds.  (There are never enough birds!)  

Here is the finished inside.  There is the copy for Mother to keep in its pocket.  The two banners hang from a brad on the right side.  

Here is the finished outside - back and front.  On the back of every card, I use some stamp that relates to the card and sign it "distressed donna".  I used to sign them "distressed by donna". but dropped the "by". I really did not think anyone would notice, but after the first time I signed the new way, three aunts called wanting to know what was wrong!

The card slips into its envelope (I nearly tore my grandmother's leg off - wouldn't that be a surprise!).  We are ready for Mother's Day.

See y'all!

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