Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Case for Vintage

Wednesday I was just going to get my hair trimmed.  (I am letting it grow out for the last time in my life.)  I absolutely was not visiting any thrift stores.  In fact my car was currently holding the distressed bird table, yellow bookcase, a giant old shovel, four heavy duty crates and several baskets, so really, like really, did I need to shop?  NO WAY!  Did I shop?  YES WAY!

No wait a minute.  What I did was a rescue mission. Across from my hair dresser is a small store, The Bargain Box.  It supports a coalition that helps abused women find shelter, and I try to buy something there every week. 

 As Jeri cut my hair I could see in the mirror a little forlorn bed headboard and footboard -no rails sitting on the sidewalk.  Jeri pointed out it had been sitting there for three weeks even at night, but no one had bought it. (Or stolen it!)  After the hair cut I drove across to look over the bed thinking it was probably just particle board. It wasn't - it was actually very heavy - real wood - probably from the forties - little castors on every little foot - curvy lines - painted multiple coats - imprinted with the word "stardust" on the underside - was this excitement?  Yes, it was, but remember the load I was already hauling.

I went in and picked up some vintage balls of thread with the labels, a rosebud dresser scarf with eyelet trim, a book with a great green cover, a skein of yarn, some French confetti, several yards of white lace, some vintage jewelry, and a vintage Samsonite leather suitcase to put it all in. - all smalls.  I was so proud of myself!  I went to check out, and the volunteer said, "Please take that little bed you were looking at.  We are throwing it in the dumpster tonight if no one will take it." 

Tell me - could you have passed this by?  She just wanted a dollar and had someone drag it to my car.  The guy said, "You are never going to get this bed in there."  

I love a challenge, don't you.  I had to take most things out and lay the bed flat on the floor - it weighs a ton!  I gradually stacked my treasures to the ceiling.  By that time, I had an audience - I think there may have been betting going on - I know I saw money change hands!

Things I bought at The Bargain Box:

French confetti -  the price is even in euros

Jewelry at ten cents a piece to alter

Twelve balls of polished cotton thread with the vintage labels

I drove off thinking a quick trip to Habitat to look over their paint was necessary.  A quick look at Habitat - who am I trying to kid?  Henry, the manager, had gotten there and put everything in the store 50% off!  I did restrain myself, though the folks there encouraged me by saying the word I truly love "RUSTY".  Cindy said she did not know what they were, but knew I would like them.  She thought the items were for upholstering.  I took a look and fell in love.

I am now the proud owner of one hundred 2" foundation chairs - don't know what they are, but I love them.  I think they have something to do with building foundations, but they resemble handles.

Here are the beauties still in their box.  They meet two requirements - they are unusual (at least to me) and they are rusty.  I just remembered as I write this that I left them outside so the rain has probably destroyed the box.  The upside?  MORE RUST!

An green and pink floral apron with pink rick rack trim.  So adorable (and small!)

The last thing I bought at Habitat was sentimental.  My brother who passed away several years ago loved to carve, and this cross with the dove resembled something he would do.  I plan a special treatment for this.

Like Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve, I headed home with not one spare inch of space left - I had to hold my pocketbook in my lap!

I know what you are thinking -she did not post a picture of that little bed.  No, I did not. Remember it is on the bottom of everything in the Blazer.  I will reveal it later.

Glad you came over to visit.  If you have time, leave a comment or a warning about hoarding.  I love to read!
Happy hunting this weekend!

See y'all!

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