Monday, May 21, 2012

The Little Bed That Could

First of all I just want to state for the record that I kept my vow of last week -  I have not bought one thing or dragged  a treasure home.  I have been five days junk-sober.  I worked on completing projects.  (I have photographic evidence - I will reveal all!)

I must confess a purchase from an eBay auction.  I do not think this purchase should count because I started bidding before the actual vow.  I am the proud owner of 1000 vintage postcards.  No, it is not a typo - one thousand!  I sell them in the shop.  I also use postcards to wrap my ribbons around for selling.  While I am confessing, I  bought two hundred more in a different auction last Monday.  

Now back to the little bed that could be anything.  Remember you last learned of my heroic rescue of this little darling from going to sleep in a dumpster and never returning.  Many had passed her by - not stopping to look at her hidden charms.  The photos don't do her justice.  Above is the headboard - very solid wood - most of the white paint chipped off - some of the original decals remaining -  curvy legs with wooden casters.

The footboard sat low to the ground, but had the original casters.

Her curvy leg seduced me!

But this is what charmed me into saving her from dumpster death.  Her name was 515 STAR DUST!

I simply had to drag her home where she stayed in the back of my Blazer trapped under a bookshelf and table for several days until Saturday when I had time to distress her.  (I had time because I missed a million and one yard sales!)

First the fronts of the headboard and footboard were sprayed with a turquoise paint.  (Well, no, first was the the cleaning and sanding of loose paint.)  It was a dry, warm day so it did not take long to dry.(Why, yes, I did paint my driveway by mistake.)

Flipped the two over and sprayed the backs with white paint being careful to tape over her name to preserve it.

See, I told you I saved it!

Next I used my palm sander to distress the paint and to tone down the turquoise.  The sanding revealed a wonderful summer sky sort of feeling.



Can't you see the summer sky?

Loaded her new self up in the truck and took to the shop.  As I was installing her in my booth, one dealer wanted to measure her to see if she could make a bench.  I can totally see her as a bench.  Until, a customer came by and fell in love with her name.. Her husband had just finished building a raised bed for herbs.  I explained how she could give the bed several coats of outside varnish to seal it and the bed would probably last for several years.  As I left, she was calling her husband to come look.  She was already planning to make the little bed a garden bed with stars and flowers painted all over her.  I hope the little bed that could has sweet dreams in her new home!

However, I just could not let go of everything about that rescued orphan.  I had to have something to remember her.  Some small token...

Bad, bad Donna!  I took the casters off at the last minute as I was loading the truck.  I really loved their rusty, worn, wooden look.  Plus they look great in my caster collection (Yes, another collection!)   I am not really sure if it is "castor" or "caster".  I must look this up and find out.  I am a retired English teacher after all!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about the rescue.  Next I will relate the story of the yellow bookcase that Miss Star Dust was all cozy with in the back of the Blazer.  If furniture could talk...

See y'all

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  1. Hi Donna! Came by to check out your blog! You are so talented and funny! I'm following you (that sounds stalker-like!)... Junk sober huh? Congratulations! All the garage sales are starting around here - *DANGER* - so excited tho.

  2. Love the Summer Sky makeover you gave to this headboard Donna!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  3. Aww, what a sweet little bed set, I'm glad you saved her!


  4. The bed looks really cute. Maybe I could tell my kids I will be Junk sober, but I don't think they would believe me. Once you have been bitten by the junkie bug, there is no cure. Great blog today. Have a nice weekend.


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