Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lamp Shades Dressed Up

 As I was walking through Lowe's last week set in my resolve to only get the wood screws I needed to finish a project,  I saw these little stickers on the clearance rack.  The people at Lowe's are not stupid.  They place these dollies stacked high with clearance items in the middle of the main aisles.  It is impossible not to stop. Right? 

A stack of Christmas lamp shades for a quarter each!?!

 I thought these shady ladies could be spruced up so I bought all of them.  (There were only 10 left.)  Along with them were pendant light globes super cheap - got to find a project for them! (Oh, I forgot my screws until I was loading my bargains and had to go back.)

This tutorial will focus on the white ones with the red, green, gold, and white ribbon trim. I am promising they will live in a better neighborhood when I finish distressing (uh, I mean dressing) them.

                                           I knew you would want a close-up of that trim!

First I thought tan with black accents.  Maybe add some images from The Graphics Fairy.  I have been wanting to try the CitraSolv transfer method.  After two coats, I tried the shade on a lamp.  It was ugly - too distressed.  In fact it looked as if the shade had been outside playing in the rain.

Next I tried black knowing there would be no return.  Two coats of craft paint over the white and the trim.  I tried it out - no spots or streaks.  Success!

 I added pleated tulle (purchased from linen chic on eBay) using Sobo fabric glue.  I kept several toothpicks and a little of the glue nearby to push the tulle into place.  It went on like a charm!

I love washi tape - if you have not used this product, be warned it's one of the addicting craft products. I purchase mine from Pretty Tape on etsy.  True washi tape is repositionable without leaving glue residue.  You can even lift it off a product and reuse.  I used this sepia and tan French print to cover the upper edge.  I tested it for several hours on a hot lamp to make sure it would not peel.

I made tags to hang with tassels to further dress up these shady ladies.  Here is the front and back of the tags.

Tassels were made from a shaggy black, tan, and dark purple yarn. The tag was added and then tied to the lamp shade support.

Here they are all dressed and ready to go to new homes.  You will notice that one has been left out.  That would be a sad story.  When I attempted to transfer a Paris image using Citrasolv to the shade, the CitraSolv ate through the plastic cup and soaked the shade. (She is also slightly warped!)  Obviously I need more tutorials on how to use CitraSolv!

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