Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vintage On Primitives

Americana Decor Chalky Finsh paint, Vintage color, cupboard, primitive table
I found two  primitives deserving of using Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Vintage. 

Vintage is a soft gray/green/blue color often found on very old primitives.

A handmade kitchen cupboard.

Made from old pieces of pine and 70's era paneling.

I loved the shape of it.

If I was keeping it, I would probably just sand a bit then wax, wax, wax.

I did not notice the towel rack fashioned from an old curtain rod on the bottom.

The Vintage covered every bit of dirt and grease with NO bleed through.

Real life crackle - not from a jar.

Perfect for a tea kettle.

I am taking it to the farm sale Saturday.


Next I worked on this primitive table which was rather cute before its makeover.

Thanks, Liz!

(The Rusty Typewriter on Etsy) 

Up on the paint frame for a couple of coats of Vintage.

The top was covered with a sheet of Masonite in very good condition for its age.

So it became a chalkboard!

I love it so much I took about fifty photos of it.

But I will only bore you with a few.

Mr. Chalkboard table will be traveling to the farm sale also. 


One corner of the living room piled with treasures for Magnolia Ridge.

Of course, Lizzie, my mannequin, will NOT be going!

See y'all!

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  1. Can't wait for the farm sale, to chat with you and to pick up my fabulous item you so kindly reserved for me!

  2. I so wish I could go to this sale!! That chalkboard table would definitely be coming home with me.

  3. Love that kitchen shelf!! Gosh I'm so hoping for clear skies on Sat. Wish I could come over for the sale but moving Mom is top priority this week!!

  4. I love your mantle of Madonnas in that last shot. That little table looks a lot like the one I had on my blog a few weeks ago that you really liked. I guess it had a twin.

  5. The chalkboard table is so cute and it would be perfect by my side door for purse, keys and a list of what not to forget written on the table. Someone is going to love it and snatch it up in a hurry. I'm so excited for your adventure at the show!
    X, T.

  6. Don't forget to hang a "tea towel" from that cute shelf😘 Success at the farm sale❣Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Love the chalkboard table! I'm sure it'll go fast. I wish you great success at the farm sale!

  8. Love the chalkboard table! I'm sure it'll go fast. I wish you great success at the farm sale!

  9. Nice changes except I am not into chalk boards. No kids here!

  10. Your prices are amazing. You're going to sell out. Wish I lived closer.

  11. Pretty, I love that little kitchen shelf!


  12. All this talk of the Magnolia Ridge sale and now a picture of some of the goodies all together tempts me to jump on a plane to it. But, with all the craziness at the airports right now, I will just dream and envy.


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