Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pantry Door Chalkboards

metal pantry doors, makeover, chalkboard
Obviously I have not gotten too terribly bored with chalkboards because here come two more.

First talk a friend into selling you her pantry doors.

Thanks, Arlene!

First thought was to save the lovely avocado and gold decals. 

Quickly changed my mind while envisioning painting chalkboard paint around oddly shaped decals.

Then there was the brown packing tape - the scourge of my existence when painting pieces. 

First remove the top layer of clear.

Generous spritz of Lift Off and let it sit a spell.

Then carefully scrape without gouging.

The decals refused to budge so I lightly sanded them and painted over them.

A still life:
A Girl, Her Brush, and Valspar Chalkboard Paint. 

Since chalkboard paint is ultra-matte, there is no need for priming.

Four coats later, it was time to condition.

While waiting for paint to dry, I was cleaning the pool and working on some other paint projects.

No, the pool should not be green.

No algae - just a boatload of pollen.

Soaked the retro atomic chrome handles in ammonia  for about an hour.

Came out sparkling.

I was much too tired to be creative with chalk artwork.

I could not even think of a balanced meal!

I confess!

One of the other projects was another chalkboard.

On a Blitz pan for an auto shop.

Man cave style!

I have reduced the number of items I will be taking because of the storms moving in.

There is a chance we may stay home.

I am very disappointed.

We are watching the skies carefully.

I need clear skies from 7AM to 4PM on Saturday.

Pretty please!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh my Donna, I hope it doesn't rain. You have worked so hard to get ready and have so many wonderful things. I'll send up a prayer or two for nice weather. Love the chalkboards and all the other great stuff you've created.


  2. I love all your chalkboards. I'm so upset about the rain but what can we do.

  3. Praying for clear skies for you!

  4. The chalk boards are fantastic. You have worked long and hard on this show so I pray it doesn't rain. I still want to come so I'll be following the weather closely too.

  5. Love all your chalkboards and I'm doing my best to keep the Houston rain from heading towards you. I got caught out in it at the grocery store and it is really coming down. I really hope the rain goes somewhere else and that you get to sell your wonderful wares like you planned. Such a huge disappointment. Hugs, T.

  6. I'm hoping it doesn't rain! I'd like to run down the street to the festival for a bit before I have to go home and finish rebuilding the front porch on our place. Looks like the rain chances vary from 30% to 50% so who knows! Ridge Spring always seems more in line with Columbia's weather than Aiken.

  7. "Happy sales" Donna and a bright sunny day is my wish for you.
    Love your new chalkboard signs. I just passed up two cupboard doors ... duh ... just looked too new and shinny for me. Blessings,
    Audrey Z.

  8. I love those pantry doors, they turned out great!! I hope you don't have to stay home... fingers crossed!


  9. Those doors looks so... I'm trying to find a more polite word than "ugly", but I can't. They look amazing after the transformation!


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