Thursday, May 5, 2016

South Main Superette

painting signsI am busy, busy, busy finishing projects for the farm sale and keeping the booths stocked.

Lately I have been in a painting signs kind of mood.

I started with two boards from Horror Monster, my beloved stash.

Dug out the Bermuda Sand paint.

(Really if anyone walked into my house the first thing she would say is "How much?" There is that much stuff in the living room!)

These two boards have had many reincarnations.

Yes, the colors are rather fab, but I going white.

You can see I relented and let some of the other layers of paint show through.

Just brushed on a thin coat.

There's Willie hanging his head - he despises having his photo taken, but insists on being in the background.

Growing up I used to love going to the superette - loved the name of the tiny grocery store.

So I made up South Main Superette for my sign.

I did not have the right size stencils for the lettering.

Printed out the letters.

Taped them to the boards.

Used old fashion carbon paper.

I pick up every box I can find at estate sales.

The top board shows the letters in black and red.

The bottom shows after highlighting and shadowing the letters.

A close up.

Then off they went (after a couple of coats of varnish) to Booth W-10.

Yesterday I spent several hours with a new group of signs.

Will show you on Sunday.

Painted some items for the Gathering, tagged some items for the Gathering, and waxed some items for the Gathering.

It seems to be all about the Gathering - I have two weeks left to prepare.


People are still enjoying the blog hop from last Friday.

Long lists are being made - what will you be looking for?


You can go HERE for the list of bloggers who participated with links to their posts.

Or you can go see Eddie of Eddie-torial Comments - he is on a roll with list after list.

See y'all!

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  1. I kept some wood planks from the renovation last summer, meaning to do signs and never took the time. You put my mind back to it!

  2. Donna, I have had such a laugh with Eddie and his lists! The signs are great and I know how busy you must be!

  3. Great signs, Donna! Are you planning a vacation to rest up after the show???

  4. I saw Eddie's list. And his other list. And, the other one, too! He's a hoot! I want to find a globe. Or two. Or three. I want a large one. Vintage. If I can't find that, I would like a large map of the world. Remember those maps in school. They were pulled down, and some of them even had bumps where the mountains were. "Relief" is what it's called, I think. Our dining room will become a library, and a globe {or three} or map would make it great! Have fun at The Gathering. I hope it's fruitful!

  5. Lovely! I prefer the signs I buy or make to have a quote or saying of some kind.

  6. Hi Donna! LOVE the Superette sign as it reminded me of a little town grocery store we used to go to with my Grandma many hundreds of years ago. Thanks for bringing back that memory and your font highlighting is awesome.

  7. Great signs! Love that you let some of the colours show through the white. You're going to have a lot of awesome stuff to take to the gathering.


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