Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Magnolia Ridge - The Gathering

Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering, farm sale, vintage merchandise
It was a "GO" for the Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering.

Chucks and I packed both trucks and headed for the farm on Friday afternoon.

Heavy rain was predicted for Friday night so I only packed my tables, metal items, and square things. 

We wrapped a gigantic tarp over the stack and tied it down with yards of rope.

It rained all night - poured down - almost two inches.

Packed up two more truck loads Saturday morning.

We arrived in a slight mist and overcast skies, but the sun came out.

The wind was gusting all day across the field you see in the background.

It was cool enough to wear a sweater.

In late May.

In the South.

I admit to being obsessed with colors and shapes when arranging my merchandise.

I really loved this spot and hope to get it next year. 

A huge field behind with a peach orchard and a pine forest.

Under a oak tree.

Arranged in a V shape to invite customers in.

Olive from Olive Out came to sell a few things and to help out.

A big thank you!!!

SHHH! Do not tell her she found her way into a photo.

Had an assortment of items from small to large.

From $1 to $68.

From child to adult.

A little known fact: when Davy Crockett went to battle at the Alamo, he took his little red horse umbrella with him.

A collector of Crockett stuff had never seen one of these.

However no one bought it.

And it was cheap - $8 !!!

All the pictures were taken early - around 8:30 AM.

Storm clouds behind us - sun in front.

On the way home it was misting again, and we were too tuckered to unload.

Chucks invented the instant carport.

The idea served two purposes - it covered the entire pickup and the tarp dried out. 

How did I do?

Well, we took four truck loads and returned with two large loads. 

Here's a shot of the Blazer.

Here's a shot of the pick-up.

All items have been marked with their booth number and item number.

They are all available in either Booth W-10 or Booth C-23, Riverfront Antique Mall.

What I am up to next?

Rest and relaxation.

Thank you to the Magnolia Ridge Farm family for all the hard work! A job well-done.

See y'all!

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  1. Hi Donna! I'm so glad that your sale went well and the weather cooperated. I'm also happy that you sold stuff too. Are you planning to do it again next year???


  2. It's always good to hear of success - and rain holding off long enough for it. Your set up (both on the field and back home) looked great. Rest well, my friend. In a few days you'll forget all about the hard work you just did. Your arm, leg and back muscles won't, but your brain will.

  3. Looks like my kind of market. In Oregon, we are quite used to the rain, even in May! I absolutely cannot believe you didn't sell that aqua tub! I would have bought that in an instant.

  4. Donna I thought about you Saturday. So glad you were able to set up and endure the Fri rain. Sounds like such a fun event. I'll plan to attend next year. We have Mom mostly moved and it's great having her next door. I'm exhausted from all the babysitting of the Grands and I'm not done yet. I need a vacation!

  5. Oh boy, wish I lived nearby! Looks like that was a fun event! So glad you had a great day at Magnolia Ridge!

  6. Oh you certainly had some lovely wares to sell! I'm a sucker for bins and baskets. Functionally decorative, the way I like it. Oh is that a doll house I spy? I've always wanted one of those.

    ~Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  7. I love events like's always great to return home with half what you drug to any event ? LOL

  8. Glad to see the report...I was wondering if you went because it sure rained here (Alabama). I would love to have visited if I had been closer! Sounds like your hard work paid off.

  9. I would so have loved to be there. I live in FL so it would have been a bit of a drive for me. But I love your booth, and I too spied the two doll houses....did they sell? Good job and glad the rain held off long enough for you all.

  10. Glad all turned out well. Now pour yourself a drink, prop your feet up, and enjoy some time off.

  11. So happy that you got to experience Magnolia Ridge. And so happy that the weather was accommodating for the most part. Now when are you off to the sandy shores?

  12. Yay! Glad to hear the market was a success! Fonda

  13. I'd say that was a pretty successful day for you. Lots and lots of work though over many months....was it worth it? Your booth looked great! I could shop there and buy a few things!

  14. What a beautiful place to sell from! Glad you sold 2 truckloads, but I saw some great unsold items packed up. Thank God for tarps! :)

  15. So good to hear the weather was not as bad as expected and you had good sales. Your location was so peaceful and your space was very inviting. I saw lots that I would have bought. Bet it was fun to have Olive to help you. Thanks for sharing. So happy you did well.
    Audrey Z.

  16. Ooh, yay! I've been waiting to hear how you did! I'm glad it went well... weather and everything! That spot you got is beautiful!


  17. I saw a few items I would have bought if I lived close!

  18. Donna, I would have loved to shop your spot. It looked very inviting! Glad it was a success!

    xo Dianne

  19. I like the way you've arranged the display, Donna. Wish I could have stopped by.

  20. I love the display and am glad it was a great day of selling...can't believe no one purchased the umbrella!! Hope you are doing well!


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