Monday, May 16, 2016

End Table Relics

Americana Decor paint, Pennsylvania House end tables, furniture makeover, chalk paint
Two end tables treated to a makeover using Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Relic.

Relic is a beautiful blue/gray color.

Both needed a heavy sanding because of numerous stains and gouges.

Plus it was factory distressed with fake marks.

This one had its base.

The one of top had lost its base, but it really did not matter.

The end tables are Pennsylvania House - good wood and construction.

The tables were made to sit in the middle of a room with finished backs.

Before sanding and applying satin varnish.

And the after.

Relic changes with the application of different waxes or varnishes.

The back.

The sides have handles which cannot be removed because of the partitions on the inside.

So I painted the handles and the door hinges.

I sanded to have peeks of the brass showing.

The inside of each was cleaned and waxed.

I sprayed the knobs gray.

The knobs had been replaced at some time and did not match.

Perfect for magazine storage.

Since they are two different heights, I did not price them as a pair.

Available in Booth C-23 at Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, South Carolina.

I am happy to say I am almost finished getting ready for the farm sale.

Now fingers crossed there is NO rain!

See y'all!

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  1. I always like the look of the sanded, pre-painted pieces a lot. I want to float an idea to you that maybe that one piece has not lost its bottom. Rather, these were two pieces meant to be stacked like they are in that one photo. I think from the partitions inside that these were record cabinets and they often came in unattached sections that could be stacked. Maybe? Either way, cool makeover. I have no idea how you're keeping up with the booth and your farm show prep right now. You must be Wonder Woman! I'm sending all kinds of good thoughts and energy your way for a dry day and a good show. Go get 'em!

  2. I LOVE that color and the finish. Would look so beautiful in any decor with such a multitude of uses. The fact they are "floating" with the finished backs makes them even more adorable for any room! Beautifully done as always my friend!

  3. Thinking about you as you have your final week of prep for your show. I know you'll do great! Good luck!

  4. The color on these is lovely but I like the smaller one the best but I don't know why. Bet they won't last long.

  5. Love the color on these pieces and I'm happy to hear that youare almost finished prepping for the show. Now sit down and put your feet up, you've earned it!

  6. They look great Donna! I'm crossing my fingers you have nice weather for the show, I know you'll do great!

    Speaking of rain my mom and I went out yard saling on Saturday in the rain! We actually got some good deals I think... the people having the sales just wanted to be done with it and get out of the rain and those who would normally attend had decided to stay home!!


  7. Wow ... those pieces really turned out pretty and love that color. In fact, I love Americana Decor Chalky Paint paint. Have not seen that color, but will look for it. I am sure you will be selling those pretty quick. Wishing you the best of luck at "farm sale" ... with great weather and happy, deep-pocket shoppers.
    Audrey Z.


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