Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Finds

thrift store, vintage finds, suitcases, doors, primitives
It was the perfect trifecta - sidewalk shopping, thrift store discount day, and Habitat sale day.

A pair of lovely turquoise French doors that remind of Joanna Gaines.

They came quite a roundabout way from Olive Out.

A pair of old screen doors.

As you can see the doors are in Booth W-10.

Thanks, Liz, for this primitive beauty.

Handmade shoeshine box.

Came with real dirt!

One tweed suitcase.

Two large brown suitcases.

One blue train case.

A large green and yellow cupboard door.

Come back Sunday for its makeover.

Two flambeaux.

Look, Fonda, a globe and dictionary stand!

I've finished this makeover also.

I've been a painting fool.

I found a box of reference books.

Harold loved his dictionary so much, he engraved his name on it! 

I love red levels to display bottle brush trees - this one just level enough to show my poor brick barrow no longer even pretends to be level! 

A leather briefcase.

These make great magazine storage.

I have polished all the cases.

I have fluffed some stuff.

I am on a painting spree.

Be prepared to be wowed! 

See y'all!

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  1. I feel like I should get on a plane and attend the big show at Magnolia Ridge! Are you on countdown, Miss Busy Bee? And how many trucks will it take to get all your loot to the show? I'm excited for you- can't wait to hear all about your big adventure. xo, T.

  2. Donna, those are great finds! What are you going to do with the cupboard door! I can't wait to find out!

  3. A very good week in junk!! Love those doors!! I know you will be painting like crazy.

  4. Donna you are finding the best stuff. I wish I could attend that show. Happy re loving all these wonderful finds.

  5. You've been quite the busy bee! :)

  6. You are really on a winning streak with finding interesting treasures. Love the French doors. Good screen doors are a favorite of mine too. Because of their light weight, they make good backing for building a potting bench, plant stand or hall tree. Saw one at the Thrift Store for $125.00. (I think I remember correctly). It was pretty nice, but not quite that nice. Looking forward to the finished projects.

  7. Love the doors both French and screen. Nice haul. Can't wait to see the makeovers.

  8. Your finds are awesome and I am waiting anxiously to see how you transform them. Love your style and the level of unique creativity you share is a treat! You Go Girl!

  9. Oooh, great finds! Can't wait to see all the makeovers!


  10. Oh, you know I love those turquoise doors, Donna!

  11. I'm gonna start whining about the globe!!! Still looking... Fonda

  12. I am always wowed by your makeovers and I want to go to the show on the 21st!! Those turquoise doors are fabulous!


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