Sunday, September 27, 2015


quick makeover paint projectst, Krylon, Rust-Oleum
Remember the shiny new fan blade from a few weeks ago?

Painted it cinnamon and stuck in the lantana while they were blooming.

Read Mad For Madison HERE. 

Then painted it walnut and took the hand sander to it for a distressed fall look.

I left the reverse side in perfect walnut for those who may not like it distressed. 

It will be making the journey to the booth.

I have had this basket for years.

Always part of the fall decor.

Decided to change it up this year.

Spray painted with Krylon Chalky Finish in Slate.

It now has a fresh new attitude.

I was thinking a gray basket with rolled burlap bags was the way to go.

So I hopped in the car to Tractor Supply to get a bunch more ...

BUT ...


So all my plans changed as I perused the small white and orange pumpkins.

And the multitudes of mums.

Much, much better than plain old burlap bags.

Remember the ugly white basket from Friday Finds?

Well, to be completely honest, it was actually even uglier than I showed.

There was a horrific painted rose on this side.

So horrifying I just could not show the photo in case someone fainted.

Krylon ColorMaster in Ocean Breeze.

Just one coat!

The crown was the wrong color.

Rust-Oleum in Heirloom White.

It is large enough to use for wispy drapes of lace over a twin or full bed.

Proof I am still cleaning.

I removed all the covers on the sofa cushions and threw them in the washer while I vacuumed the life from the sofa.

All the cushions were thrown out in the yard during a brief sunny spell.

I have at least three truckloads of items to tag for the booth and photograph for Etsy.

I'd better get busy.

See y'all!


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  1. Hello Donna.
    Great redos on the baskets. Sounds like you've been a busy gal. I got in a cleaning mood the other day and started cleaning like a mad person! Rare, very rare.
    Love that crown.


  2. I have a ton of baskets I have been wanting to spray paint. Thanks for inspiring me to get it done! Love the crown....I am partial to them!

  3. Donna, we have a Tractor Supply half a mile from us.... why does yours have burlap bags and are they giving them away or is it something you purchase ? Also, I know we've discussed the spray chalk paint before, but don't think I asked you where your purchased it. Walmart, Lowes, or do you have to go to a craft store ? Thanks !

  4. You are just the basket QUEEN!! I love all your redos! I'm working on at least one this weekend... maybe more... we'll see! :o)


  5. Donna,
    I love all your re loves! The fan blades look awesome and I love the color of the basket.
    Have a great new week ahead.

  6. Busy lady! I have a picnic basket that is huge and I really have been thinking about painting it and using it for storage in my bedroom. You have just helped me decide yes! Love the crown!

  7. Tiny pumpkins are sooooo cute, especially the white ones. Burlap bags are kinda cool, but cute beats out cool just about every time. You're being so busy and productive and all that it really should inspire me. Fortunately, I am inspiration proof, so I will be taking a nap instead.

  8. Love that blue painted basket with the feed sack and little pumpkins. I have a wicker tray that I'm going to paint with the chalky spray paint. Now to decide on a color.

  9. You are such an industrious woman! I do love the fan blade - both sides!

  10. All really neat items and you know just what it takes to improve them. I have some fan blades I want to make into a hanging lamp. Glad you painted yours and now that inspires me to paint mine and make a lamp... not any time soon though.
    Audrey Z.

  11. As is usual for Grand Junction, there is no store that sells spray chalk paint. They're so slow to get new craft items, if at all, and Christmas supplies, well don't hold your breath.
    I imagine since I'm saying this will be different this year. Still don't have any place that sells spray chalk paint. Grrrr.
    Love your blades and baskets, different things always grab my attention. The blades are much different shape than I've seen. Would love to make them look like wicker wouldn't that be awesome? I got some burlap bags at our tractor supply for $1 each. Didn't know what I'd do with them but thought if I didn't buy some would be mad at myself later when/if I need them. Now if I could find some cute little white and orange pumpkins could maybe use couple of those burlap bags. Happy week

  12. It's amazing what wonders a little paint can do! Great makeovers and I love how you've used them all! :) ~Rhonda

  13. great quickies! I need to find the perfect little basket to add some lace and ribbon to for my little flower girl. 19 days!

  14. Those are some amazing transformations! I am in love with that is my most favorite, but that fan blade comes in a close second...beautiful and so creative!!

  15. You always pull together quite well, but you need to show everyone your entire booth. Do a post on that after the finished products. You have something for everyone!

  16. You've been busy, Donna, and it all looks so tempting. Love the crown.

  17. Donna, as always your quickies turn out great!!


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