Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds
I am still on the hunt for smalls.

And I am thinking Christmas.

There I said it.

The "C" word.

The fake crystal tray in the back?

I have not found one in great shape for years.

This one was until I dropped the heavy brown step stool on it.

Sweet little basket for corralling small items in the booth. 

A load of glassware.


I am thinking winter wonderland.


Temps have dropped to the 60's for highs here.

Still swimming, but wearing sweats in the house. 

Cute black magnets - I put them on the side of the truck to take the photo and forgot all about them.

Drove around for a couple of days.

Then Chucks asked me if I knew they were there.

Of course,


A Bart Starr football award from 1991.

He was my football hero way, way back.

A pair of estate stone corbels.

Estate stone - a fancy term for fake.

A stack of grapevine baskets.

One ugly white basket - you will see this one again on Sunday.

Remember that brown table because I am in the middle of painting it and just remembered I forgot to take a before shot. 

I have been eyeing the silver pitcher at the thrift store and finally it was half price. 

I have a small collection of the cruet bottles and the brass cricket boxes.

See?  I found two more cricket boxes.  I will group them for Etsy.

The gold tray is a lap tray with folding legs.

See?  There is the bottom of the brown table I had to throw in the truck because it started raining.

Two boxes of vintage flash cards.

I meant to show my favorite ones - the ones in the back made to look like a green chalkboard with yellow chalk graphics.

All in a small wire basket.

A large red basket and a small signed basket hold a large assortment of Christmas stuff bought because I wanted ten teeny little wooden ornaments in the bag.

Griffin and Liz have a booth in Riverfront Antique Mall - Gryphon and The Rusty Typewriter.

Griffin also has an Etsy shop (HERE) where I found these Alice illustrations.

I am painting the monster of a cabinet from last week's finds and fell in love with the Alice prints to use on it.

I had Staples copy each and reduce each for me to use without destroying the originals.

Griffin still has several of the illustrations left so go over and browse her shop.

Rain (and, boy, do we need it!) has brought painting furniture to a standstill.

I have been visiting and reading your posts, but not commenting and not replying to the comments on my posts you have so kindly left.

To tell the truth I absolutely could not stand to live in this house one more minute without a complete cleaning.

You know, the kind where you pull all the furniture out and wash the baseboards?

So back to cleaning with a little blogging on the side to keep me alert during my breaks.

I am quite enjoying all your fall decor and vintage finds.

See y'all!

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  1. I love your smalls. Never heard the term estate stone. I am in the same situation as you. I need to do deep cleaning! Good luck.

  2. A great stash of smalls! Love the magnets and Alice in Wonderland prints. Looking forward to see what you do with them.

  3. I've been gathering Christmas things all year, and have been thinking I better price them before the time sneaks up on me. Speaking of sneaking up, that rain that you're getting is about to postpone our bi-annual community yard sale, where my sisters and I have have 4 SUV carloads of stuff to purge. :/ Right now the rain date looks good, but one sister's having to travel from OH - bummer.

  4. You can come on over to my house and clean too! I'll award you with junkin'!

  5. Great finds! I love the magnets on the truck. I think you should leave them!!! Have a great weekend.

  6. Great finds! I love the glassware! We're having some wet and rainy days, too! It is great cleaning weather! I have baseboards that need attention, too! ;) Have a good weekend! ~Rhonda

  7. i still haven't painted my baseboards since i painted my room in april how bad is that? xx

  8. Love the finds, especially the glassware and silver pitcher(of course!). You can come clean my house :)

  9. Love the silver, of course!! And all of the glassware....shiny things just dazzle me! And if I find those magnets, they are mine, right? The whole "finders/keepers" thing?! :-)

  10. I love hunting for things and especially when I get good deals!

  11. Great finds Donna! It has really cooled off for you. It's been a little cooler here, but not cool enough! You are one busy bee! You must not have a lazy bone in your body! Have a great weekend!

  12. Yes, fall is in the air and you're well on your way collecting, preparing and thinking about the big "C". I'm panicking because I can't seem to come up with things I need to make. I'm traveling in November and December and have so little time for projects. Whoa is me!

  13. Donna ... glad you are having good days with a little rain. If you get too much, we could use some. Good time to clean house ... hopefully, I will get ours clean before Christmas. Looks like you found a lot of nice stuff for you shop. Anxious to see the monster of a cabinet.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Great finds!!! I'm hoping tomorrow Saturday I'll be able to go out and hit a couple of good garage sales.
    I love the silver pitcher and the corbels? Excuse my ignorance...but what are cricket boxes?

  15. Good to know you're all right, if totally insane! I don't even know where my baseboards are (or what they are), much less clean them!

    Cute stuff. It is good to get a bit of coolness and needed rain here, for sure. Every day is a little more fall-ish and I love it a little more every day.

  16. I have bought more Christmas for the booth already this year but I am on the look out for more. The silver pitcher is lovely but I really love the vintage flash cards and pick them up whenever I run across them.

  17. Speaking of cleaning base boards. The people who bought our KY house were so dirty when the real estate agent finally got in house (after they left with keys) she said it was so filthy you couldn't find the base boards. Let alone the filth in kitchen cabinets, we had put new ones in just 3 yrs before we sold house.
    So much had to be fixed/replaced the gal that finally really bought it (other people defaulted and did a number on us). had to take out separate loan to fix house up. I felt so bad for her. When we bought house my oldest son had completely redone in/out of house, put new front porch on house. It was so nice when we bought it. Still miss that house and property, 1 1/2 acres. But climate didn't agree with me at all, I had terrible allergies, asthma and arthritis there so after 5 years we moved to CO to climate I could live in but oh boy is it expensive here. Especially after we bought that home/property in KY for $55,000. We ended up not getting a penny back out of it. Big mistake.
    Love all your finds, always, you sure have an eye. Think too area you're in is more conducive to having great goodies. I Miss KY for that. It's just here in western CO (we live few miles west of Grand Junction) and it's hard to find things and if i do it's so above a price affordable who can buy it. They act like everything has gold running thru it. If I'd had my way we'd have gone back to MT where we lived before KY. Still miss that and it's affordable. Enjoy all your finds and hope they all sell for you at good prices. You have the talent for finding the treasures. Happy week

  18. Oh, can't wait to see what you're plannign with the Alice's prints!


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