Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pastries Anyone?

Graphics Fairy image, painted table
Okay, I did not take this photo. 

I do not have any pastries for you.

I do not have many photos of the table I finished.

In fact I could not find any of the before and during photos.


So instead of the photo of the boring brown swivel table and the exciting photo of it being sanded and painted -

I have this photo of a Patisserie - probably not even French - probably American trying to be French

Much like this table.

Here it is - finished.

Most likely a swivel TV stand at one distant time.

Painted Bermuda Sand.

Used the waxed paper method to transfer the Patisserie image from The Graphics Fairy.

 The moody shot.

The plain view shot.

And, yes, I am showing the exact same photo as above since I lost the other photos.

This may be the shortest furniture post in the history of my blog.

See y'all!

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  1. That's not nice to tease us this early, I only have coffee !! Are you paying Eddie and his twin's back ?? I love the little white imposter, look's very Frenchy to me :)) Going to have to try the wax paper method, thank's for showing us your great talent's per usual. Have a great day, TT ( you remember me ,lol)

  2. I hate when I forget the before and during pictures! The table is adorable.

  3. I love it! What a are so smart! Hugs!

  4. You taunt us with non-existent pastries and I'm the tease? I love those old swivel tables!

  5. Donna this is so sweet. Love this!

  6. Okay, so I was already pretty hungry and now this. Thanks Donna!

  7. This time you are more distressed than the furniture, Donna. I think that we should split that lemony cake in the middle :-)

  8. COOL!!! Love the transfer technique!!!

  9. We don't need the before's and during's.....we trust you that it needed a makeover and once again, you succeeded fabulously!!

  10. Short post or not, I love the table! It turned out beautiful and I like the shot of the fake French Patisserie!

  11. I'm with Eddie, I want pastries! Oh well, the table turned out cute even without before photos. Some days are just like that aren't they!


  12. Your table turned out great! Now I need to go find me some late night pastry snacks.

  13. I'm tired so I'm in need of dessert, even the table will do for me tonight!


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