Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, ironstone, Diana china, cabinet
A small load this week because I was searching for quick turn-arounds.

First this cabinet - nice shape and plenty of storage.

Decided on white. 

Sanded it and found parts are mahogany.

If you paint furniture, you know the dead end here.

I shoved it back in the truck for another day.

An old leatherette file box in olive green.

Extra large.

Teaching materials from Robins Airforce Base In Georgia.

It is empty though.

Loved the shape, color, design and weight of this piece of pottery.

It's a keeper.

Two Brown Bag cookie molds - I have a small collection.

I am thinking of listing several on Etsy.

I used mine for paper instead of cookie dough.

Four Garfield glass mugs - McDonald's premiums.

Another horse trophy - this one from the Diamond B Ranch.

Large plaid sewing box.

Filled with various notions.

A lovely easel and a poster of Miss Muffet.

This is the table from yesterday.

It must be some kind of jinx for photography.

Not one photo staged on it was decent.

Christmas tins and a brass cricket box.

And the bottom of a brass candle holder.

Like to find advertising tins.

This one a recipe box.

Filled with printed Gold Medal recipes, blank cards, and stuffed in the back - some one's handwritten recipes and paper clippings. 

I will scan the handwritten ones before selling the tin.

Wall art - old telephone and a London bus.

A bag of tiny tart tins or molds. 

The round ones about an inch wide.

A new old stock Wedding Memories album.

What looks to be tear drops on the outside of the box.

The Patisserie table seemed to like this find as much as I did.

The photos turned out great.

A covered soup bowl.

Old ironstone with purplish flowers.

Marked Diana and L & E M. 

Do you know how many china patterns are some form of "Diana"!?!

After the tenth page, I gave up.

I am keeping it for awhile.

If anyone recognizes it, let me know.

See y'all!


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  1. Lots of cool stuff! I remember those Garfield glass mugs when they were hot! The plaid sewing box is wonderful. Pretty covered dish.....I get so annoyed researching something and end up with no answers. I have several pieces laying around waiting to be identified!!

  2. Love the sewing box. The tin molds make great Christmas ornaments!

  3. Another lot of great finds! I have some of those Garfield mugs too. I also hate when I can't find info on stuff I find. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great finds once again! I like the tart molds for Christmas ornaments!

  5. Love that easel! And those Garfield mugs are adorable. I pick up tart tins whenever I find them.

  6. Lots of neat treasures found this week. Love those Garfield mugs from McDonald's. Memories lol!!!! Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  7. Lots of great finds this week. I love the covered dish and yes I get frustrated when I can't find out any info on an item! The pottery is a keeper for sure.

  8. Great finds as usual! I love the plaid sewing box the best :o]


  9. Great finds Donna! Love the box wth all the sewing stuff inside. I love finding those. Also the pretty china piece with my name on it!!!


  10. OMGoodness! What a great table! Yes, paint it white and it will sell! Yelp. Love it! I don't know when I'll get to Augusta, GA. It's so hard. When I get out of state it has to be home. I love the porcelain dresser box. I'd keep it too.

  11. Oh Donna, just love that covered soup bowl. I think I have a piece marked Diana but have not researched it. That might fit right in with my collection of ONE. Lots of good stuff ... love the easel too.

  12. I so love that sewing box....never seen one plaid before.I also love small molds. Like always, you score such great treasures.

  13. Great finds! I love the easel and the last piece. Gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  14. Love those tart tins and the easel/art! Always gorgeous things you have and I cannot blame you one bit for holding on to some of them for a while. :-)

  15. I lvoe those old cookie molds, I brought one back from Canada when I was young... I'm wondering where it is now after many packing and unpacking...


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