Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mad for Madison

Madison, Georgia, vintage finds, junkin', Olive Out
I am mad for Madison, Georgia, and all points in between.

Last Wednesday Olive from Olive Out (no blogging right now - catch her on Instagram - OliveOut) and I flew up I-20 in the old coffin carrier to go junkin'.

Any trip is fun with Olive, but especially a road trip. 

A fan blade - a quickie project in the works.

A battered fire bucket.

A tray of mismatched baby shoes.

Old photo of a boy with glasses.  

A gigantic floral frog.

A big bag o'buttons.

An old post card album - no post cards.

But ...

A cute kitty painted as if jumping right through the cover.

Did you streak in college?

I won't tell!

Inquiring minds want to know.

Dr. Zhivago - Omar Sharif, his handsome self.

He died in July.

Print of an old pencil sketch - have a thing about dogs!

A tangle mess of an Italian tole chandelier.

I am hoping there is some beauty left in the old gal.

Silver, brass, and glass.

Quite the combo.

Rotate the lid one way to find your tongs.

Rotate the opposite way to find your ice in a milk glass container.

Funny thing - I have never seen an ice bucket quite like this.

I found TWO!

The first one was missing the device to open it so I reluctantly passed it by.

Then found this one in good condition. 

American tole VS 
Italian tole?

Which would you pick?

It took Olive and I several tries to figure out this is a table base.

No, really, it is.

Also, Italian.

Gathering things for a booth display - it's beginning to look like a plaid Christmas.

Blue and black plaid suitcase (in the shadows).

Fake cedar in a copper pot.

Two vintage tin Christmas trays.

A plaid horse tray.

Even the racket press is MacGregor.

I did not mean to skip fall.

A photo holder to display post cards.

A fruit tray.

A Sterling China tea pot (now in Etsy shop).

The rusty graniteware pot - perfect for a fall arrangement. 

Three star molds.


Pair of matching Berkeley Sterling cream pitchers. (In Etsy).

Vintage biscuit tin.  (Etsy)

Cobalt bottles. 

Sitting around doing nuttin'.

Wine chiller.

Two star wands.

Six fake old keys.

More silverplate - most have made it to Booth C-23 and more will be going.

Another Gideon Bible rescued.


It was a perfect day.

We left Madison after lunch at Perk Avenue where Olive had some concoction called Cin-n-tell - espresso, cinnamon, and other various ingredients topped with whipped cream.

It smelled delicious, but I don't do coffee.

Headed back down the interstate to stop in Mimi T's in Warrenton where Olive is opening a new booth called Olive Out.

Don't worry - you can still find her at The Broome Closet in Ridge Spring. 

Then ended the day at Uncle Junk's in Thomson.

See y'all!


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  1. Once again you had a successful pickin' day! Such variety! Glad to see some of it in your Etsy shop! Going over to have a peek....

  2. Donna........what a haul.......lots of treasures you have found! What will you do with the chandelier....looks interesting. Have fun!

  3. You have the best eye for goodies! Metal or Metallics are suppose to be "IN" this fall and you sure have a lot to choose from. I can see that mess of a chandelier with a coppery and patina finish - that would be so cool!

  4. Great pickin day Donna. Love all your neat treasures. Love the vintage baby shoes!

  5. Oh my! Amazing finds and quite the variety! I love the plaids and the fall and the blue and well...everything!

  6. oh, that's a kitty on the post card album?....I thought it was a bat! a HUGE flower frog, wow! Love those fire buckets. I'm lucky enough to have found two of them in the last 20 years. A great day with a friend, even if you hadn't found treasures!

  7. Woo - lots of good finds! I am making a sort of junkin' road trip this weekend. Heading to spend time with my best friend. She lives in a small town and it basically shuts down all weekend (yes 3 days!) for the town wide yard sale. I've always been able to get some good stuff there!

  8. Whoa. That flower frog is HUGE! Must be for trees and not flowers :-)


  9. Wow, you always find such great stuff! What a great haul!

  10. the propeller has me intrigued love seeing what you got and reading about it too xx

    1. Thanks, Monkey! I cannot reply in person because you are a "no reply" commenter. I do appreciate you coming over to visit and taking the time to comment. The propeller/fan blade will be on a future post.

  11. So many wonderful treasures!! I can't decide which ones I like best! :-) Streaking was popular when I was in 7th grade....I was mortified when a guy streaked by while we were at PE...I have never seen such things...I was 11...LOL

  12. So many great finds. Love love love that chandelier!!! And that table base too. That battered fire bucket is fabulous.

  13. Looking forward to any re-makes from these items!

  14. Another good haul Donna. Looking forward to seeing everything after your give them the "distressed-Donna treatment" ... especially the Tole chandelier. Glad you had a fun day with Olive.

  15. Wow! Great finds. I love the chandelier.


  16. Wow! Great finds. I love the chandelier.


  17. Holy cow Donna - that's an unbelievable stash - I'd give anything to find a chandelier !
    Omar Sharif's granddaughter lives here in Montreal - went to school with a friend's daughter and sometimes he'd be sitting there in the audience for school productions !

  18. Wow, that was one successful junkin' trip! Great finds! Especially love the fire bucket and unique plaid horse tray! ~Rhonda

  19. Your trip was really profitable! I love the stuff you brought home. The fire bucket is neat. The ice bucket is new to me! Olive is good luck for finding treasures! Have a great week!

  20. Hi Donna! :)
    Wow, you are doing really well on your junkin' trip! And it's always nice to have a like minded friend in tow! ;)
    I love the chandy, and once you get it all untangled I am sure it will be beautiful!
    Have fun on your road trip! :)

  21. You found a LOT of neat stuff. Well done.

  22. Cool finds as always. There's nothing like a good junking road trip, especially when it turns out this good. I think that is the largest flower frog I have ever seen. I'd hate to imagine one larger. I hope you find a story in your bag of buttons.

  23. Thanks for the tour. I now know several places along I20 to shop on my way to Augusta!

  24. Well, how fun! I did not know that you and Olive lived in the same state. Always fun to go junkin with a friend!! Loved the assortment of goodies. I picked up a black velvet equestrian hat at our local thrift. Not really sure why, just thought it was cool. I really should get my etsy back up and running. It would look awesome with that tray! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. You two gals know how to shop and travel. Loving all your plaid.

  26. wow! You found a lot. I love the cobalt bottles, even doing nothing!

  27. Wow, Donna, you did REALLY well, and I bet Olive did too. I really love the looks of that horse tray. I have an ice bucket like the one you bought, but have never seen the inside lid for the tongs (I had to look twice at the photo). Your groupings are well thought out - did that happen along the way, after they were purchased, or while they were being purchased, do tell.


I enjoy reading all of your comments and will always answer with email. I will try to track you down if you show up as a "no reply" commenter to let you know. Friends are like that!