Thursday, September 10, 2015

Boo-tiful Booth

Riverfront Antique Mall, Fall booth display, fall decor
I worked all day on Tuesday to get the big booth in shape for fall.

Here's a view from down the aisle.

I call this my "porch" area - we get to use two feet into the aisle outside our enclosed booth. 

Started with a trip to Dollar Tree for small foam pumpkins in day-glo orange.

No way they were staying that color - used antiquing glaze to tone them down.

They are only for display.

I have tiny black baskets on the turquoise ladder 

The dealer next door chose to go with turquoise and orange too. 

It is so nice to have the booth next to you complement your merchandise.

Also picked up some ghastly mirror clings for an extra scare.

This one of a zombie baby.

The turquoise pedestal from Sunday's Quickies post (HERE) is perfect for small pumpkins.

There is another mirror cling of a ghostly woman.

One final peek.

Off to create some Halloween goodies for my booth and my Etsy shop.

Chucks says my booths are neater than our home.

He is so right!

See y'all!


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  1. Your booth look's VERY inviting !!!! Love those ghostly image's, enough to scare a small I love the lady.
    Now you know everyone is going to ask how much those pumpkin's are, it never fail's!!!!
    Tell Chuck's artist's aren't neat, they'd never find anything if they were totally organized. Haha Look's great as usual :-) TT

  2. Donna, what a great look! Love those ghastly mirror clings - source, please? That turquoise pedestal really works great, and I even love the long wedding (?) dresses - a la bride of Frankenstein. We do everything we can to create walls between ours and our next door neighbor's space with electric light-up wall print. We will never, ever coordinate, lol. Happy sales, and let's see how long before your customers totally wreck it which, this season, may only make it look better. Donna's house of horrors. ;)

  3. Your booth really is boo-tiful! I've never seen mirror clings like that. They look great! Love the turquoise ladder and that little pedastal. They look great with the orange. The headless dresses are perfect!

  4. Your booth looks fab - definitely the most fun looking booth I've ever seen.

  5. Love your fall arrangements and everyone seems fascinated with the mirror clings, including me! Tell us more!

  6. Your booth looks fabulous all decked out for fall! Would love to "shop" there! :) ~Rhonda

  7. Donna love the boo's. Your booth looks great. I love the turquoise really pops in your booth.

  8. Your booth looks of these days I will get to your area for a vacation and stop in there! Putting it on my bucket list!

  9. The pumpkins are adorable, Donna. I might need to go and get some of them. Your boo-tiful boo-th is looking terrific and will surely draw the crowds in. Happy fall!

  10. I love your is so wonderful and I do wish I could come shop there!! I see so many wonderful new treasures for my home! :-)

  11. Love your booth all dressed up for Fall. Looks great!


  12. Well you can't be expected to have a clean booth AND a clean house!! Looks great! I want to shop there!

  13. Looks great Donna. The pumpkins and turquoise look so good together. Love the ladder there too. Makes me feel bad that I passed up a real nice one today that was only $10.00. I could have painted it turquoise ... stacked $$$ pumpkins on it and called it my Fall decorations. Keep up the good work.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Hi Donna, I love how you decorated your booth and it looks so festive!
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. Looks great Donna! My mom and I are going to decorate mine next weekend!


  16. Whaaaat? Ghastly mirror clings? Lol...what a great thing! Thanks for sharing this post at Five Star Frugal, Donna. I leave, educated on the topic of Zombie Baby Ghastly Mirror Clings. Love, Mimi xxx

  17. Love the mirror clings. It's so easy to spookify antique stuff. I'll have my Halloween booth in Friday's post.

  18. Love aqua and orange together. Really an eye popping booth! The touches of Halloween is so fun Donna. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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