Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Loot One

Vintage books
I promised you some Book Loot posts and here they come.

There are at least five posts on some of the books bought lately. 

I love the look of books, the smell of books - everything about books.


When Tania of Little Vintage Cottage 
(HERE)  offered to trade books for beads, of course I said YES!

She sent not one, but two old primers.

These are definite keepers.

The rest of the books are from my visit to Hayesville, North Carolina. (Read about the trip here!)

All of these were bought at the library store. 

Teacher's editions are harder to find because there were fewer printed.

If I Were Going is a preview of a primer used for teachers to read and decide how to vote on new books.

We Work And Play is an early Dick and Jane reader.

The younger sister is not called "Sally", but called "Baby".

It does have Puff, Spot and Tim.

Who remembers Tim?

Rhyming Dictionaries are favorites in the booth.

The two small books are interesting - The Prince of Peace and Fellowship (a Masonic book of religious poems).

Olivia found this tiny Green Book Of Birds Of America.

Each page has a print of a bird and its description. 

It has been well-loved over the decades.

The book is the same size as the checkout card.

Another small book - American Frugal Housewife.

A reprint of an 1800's book.

More primary textbooks.

Rides and Slides is an Alice and Jerry reader.

Bought for the color and the subject - one on the Suwanee and the other The Snow Geese.

I love to find books with a Christmas inscription.

On the inside of The Snow Geese an inscription from 1944.

In Story Land is copyrighted in the 1920's, but in great shape.

On the sale rack of the library store were stacks of gardening books.

Some still with the covers.

Found a whole stack of Frank Slaughter books.

I've read every one.

Finally, Laura Ashley.

I never leave behind Laura!

I hope you love books and love seeing books and love buying books because I will continue to post about books.

Some will be going to the booth.

Some are already there.

Some have sold.

If you see one you would like to buy, send me an email and I will reserve a listing on Etsy for you.


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See y'all!


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  1. Love books....old books, new books, kids books, and especially gardening books. I love the crafts you can make out of them and the way you can decorate with them. Books are it!!

  2. Donna, did you read The American Frugal Housewife? Was it ahead of the times? I am also curious to know if some things have remain the same. As always, great finds!

  3. I am not ashamed of economy! (I remember Tim.)

  4. You know I love old books. We have been packing books for days....and I still have more on the walls (floating book shelves). I will be buying more when we move...the hubster is groaning...LOL

  5. I love old books! I usually buy them any chance I get!

  6. Books make me happy. You found some great one's.

  7. Books make me happy. You found some great one's.

  8. Books make me happy. You found some great one's.

  9. Every time I see a stash of old books at a sale or flea market, I immediately think of you!


  10. Love all your sweet and wonderful old books. You have a great collection Donna.
    You found some great books.

  11. Love this! I have the green book of birds, also yellow book of birds. Never saw a Dick and Jane where Sally was called baby. So enjoyed looking at this

  12. I love books! {WHO IS TIM???} I loved Sally, Dick, Jane, Puff and Spot, but I don't remember Tim! I also remember Alice and Jerry. I have some of these old books. I love that little bird book and am tempted.

  13. Handwriting in 1944 looks nothing like that of today....what a great artistic look into your finds!

  14. You have lots of great books there, I'm so glad you like the ones I sent you :o)


  15. I love books, too! I collect the Alice and Jerry readers and have never seen that one. If you are going to sell it, let me know. You found some great books!

  16. Old books just make me smile. I love them all, but especially old gardening or floral books with pictures or illustrations of flowers. Great haul!

  17. Looks like a lot of interesting books. Love the little bird book. I wish I was more of a book person and took time to read.

  18. Woo hoo! Book haul! Book haul! BOOK HAUL! I just found out one of the local libraries has a book sale every other Saturday. I fear I may be doomed by this knowledge. Really nice finds all the way around. Did you notice that Andrew checked out the bird book three times in a row? I bet he's now a prize wining ornithologist.

  19. These are such great finds! And in great condition too. Very cool! Found you via Wow Us Wednesday.


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