Sunday, August 16, 2015


makeovers, vintage finds, Horror MonsterSome quickies for you this morning.

I went shopping in Horror Monster Outdoor Living Section and gathered an armload of things to clean.

Like these two planter pots.

This is the after.

Here is the before.

One was hammered brass - all stained and dirty.

One was hammered aluminum - once painted black at least one hundred years ago.

I thought why not make them MORE distressed!?!

So I spritzed them with white paint. 

Just on the outside.

Then sanded the heck out of them.

This is the brass one.

This is the aluminum one.

They each received a waxing.

I do love their aged appearance.

A folding metal table I used to hold plants was actually once a grill. 

A chamber pot.

A black bird feeder.

A green mailbox.

All were sanded.

I found that tiny copper watering can too.

All were washed.

The mailbox revealed multiple layers of blue and green.

All were waxed and buffed.

I threw in the South Boundary sign from the 60's.

And the can and dasher from a ice cream churn.

This small cabinet has been working in my craft room.

I knew someone had painted it black.

As I was sanding the rust off the back, I noticed some outlines of letters.

I gently sanded off the paint to find:


Holes for hanging.

A little shelf.

I plan to list this cutie on Etsy.

That is all for today.

See y'all!

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  1. Love the distressing on the two pot's !! How cute is that blue/green mailbox ??? Perfect for the garden to store a pair of glove's and trowel ...?? The best is that little wall cabinet, hmmmmdo I have an empty wall space ? Have a great day, I love to shop your blog until the SHOP open's, Yeah !!! TT

  2. Those pots are divine! I thought they were olive buckets at first glance. Lots of goodies here!

  3. Great idea with the old planters and I agree with AnnMarie they look like olive buckets. I'm in love with the Sears and Roebuck wall cabinet!

  4. All the projects turned out so great Donna! I love the surprise you revealed when sanding the little cabinet! I need to get busy on some projects that are out in my garage... terror trove #2! lol! Yesterday a friend was over trying to help me fix the driving light on my truck and the worst thing happened... I was forced to open the garage door to get needed tools :o( :o( :o( I cringed as it slowly opened... my friend turned to me and looked all sad faced... said my name all slow and with great intention... like he felt so sorry for me... then hugged me and petted my head!!! I said "Stop IT!! It's just my garage and it's just that I toss things out here I don't put them away!" He went on to say "Tania... honey... you have a problem..." I think I finally convinced him that I don't need an intervention and that I just need to get busy. Sheesh!


  5. Who needs to shop elsewhere when your home has so many amazing things. Love the little cabinet!

  6. Lots of great finds Donna. I love the mailbox.

  7. Once again Donna....great finds!! Love the pot transformations too. Amazing what a little paint and sanding will do.


  8. Love what you are doing ... the brass pot looks like it has holes in it like the olive buckets. You will have some interesting new/old stuff for your shop and likely will sell quickly. Much better stuff than you could find at the garage sales.

  9. Boy you sure are good at quickies! Love the pots and I LOVE the color of the mailbox! You always find the best stuff!

  10. I love all those pieces and you did an awesome job on the two pots. What I want to know is where is Horror Monter's outdoor living section and what else is out there? I would love to shop your house!! LOL

  11. How are you STILL finding stuff in your stash to resell???

  12. The Sears cabinet is awesome - never saw one like that before.

  13. You keep finding the best stuff in the horror section. Love it all! Thanks, Donna for sharing at VIParty.

  14. Love that rusty table and so glad you gave that Sears cabinet a sanding. Fabulous advertising! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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