Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Finds

Thrift shopping, vintage finds, furniture, vintage suitcases, vintage booksJust sit back and enjoy shopping with Distressed Donna.

I promise not to talk too much. 

A turquoise beauty.

Loved her drawers.

Sold and now a creamy white.

A large rusty tool box.

Complete with a bin.

A stack of engraved silverplate.

Love the graphics on rebound classics.

Complete with the library cards.

Checked out by Ronnie in 1970 and never returned.

Bad Ronnie!

Regency Romances - three are the same - from a closed bookstore.

Two Sears Catalogs - 1969 and 1975.

Notice both catalogs use a blond boy and a brown-haired girl.

Your man could be styling in a leisure suit.

1970's style maxi dresses.

I actually owned the middle two - no kidding! 

I be styling.

A lady parked next to me in the thrift store parking lot and pulled these four suitcases from her truck.

I asked to buy them.

She gave them to me, and I donated money to the thrift shop.


Fair or foul?

With a guilty conscience I donated more than I would have paid for them.

A tiny hat box.

A metal spool of wire.

Gold leaves - a project.

Gold tissue box - don't know.

Toffee tin - sell.

Silverplate bowl.

French book on religion.

Two rescued New Testaments.

Funky "pearl" earrings.

1970's blue plaid teddy bear.

My languishing Etsy shop is to be revived next week.

He is headed there.

Meanwhile if you see something, I will list the item as a "Reserve" for you.

Rose Annuals from 1952 to 1979 from the dueling National Rose Society and American Rose Society. 

Not sure - booth or Etsy?

Two huge canvas totes of books.

I know I promised some book loot posts, and I have one ready for next week.

Let's just say I could never photograph all the books I have bought in the last four weeks.

Close to 150!

Anyone want to come over for a cleaning and tagging party?

Snacks provided, of course.

Adult beverages if needed. 

See y'all!

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  1. Love that little turquoise side table.

    Since the book and the check-out index card is with the book, Ronnie's off the hook. It must have been a library sale or something, but getting 3 that Ronnie happened to check out is something else!!! lol

    Love the leisure suits. (They were creepy back then. I always knew they weren't right!)

    Thank you for the show and tell!

  2. Where do you sell all your books at?

    Love the shots of the maxi dresses. I wore those in the 70's too - loved them! My mom used to make ours.

  3. Fair on the luggage - love. I be stylin' in 1975 too, Donna. We used to wear our nightgowns under our maxi coats to mass, no lie.

  4. You always find the best stuff!!!

  5. I wore maxi dresses...they were very popular at school for some reason! Leisure dad was " stylin' and profilin' " back in the day...LOL. Love the books, of course. At first, I thought one of those said Lady Chatterly's Lover...LOL If you lived closer, I would definitely ease your guilty conscience about the suitcases! :-)

  6. Okay, you come over and help me tag all my finds from the 127 (the cleaning and sorting has already happened) and I'll help you tag books.

    Great stuff, as always!

  7. Lots of great stuff!!!! Really love that table!

  8. Yup, wish I were close enough to come help you with the book tagging. I love old books and I enjoy me some adult beverages ! :-) Absolutely lusting over that galvanized chest!

  9. Oh, I would definitely come over for a cleaning and tagging party if I lived anywhere near you! Great finds, my fav is the teddy bear wall hanging!


  10. The luggage is fabulous, and I love the turquoise table. I'd definitely help if I lived closer. I love looking through old books. I'd probably slow you down though because I'd be spending more time looking through them than tagging them.

  11. Love your finds and the suitcases are awesome! I am in love with the children's books especially the one by Lois Lenski...are you selling that one?

  12. I will say it again ... you find the neatest stuff. 150 books, oh my !!! That will be a job tagging all of those ... no wonder you are asking for help. If I lived close, I would help. I love the old metal wire spools too.

  13. I would love to come over...especially if you're providing snacks and! Some great finds. That cute teddy bear wall art reminds me so much of something. Maybe I had one similar to that as a child. Not sure, but it is cute. The suitcases are awesome! So unique. Have a great weekend!

  14. I would love to come help you tag and get first dibs on some of your book finds if only I could. Love the story on the suitcases.

  15. I actually love the seventies maxi dresses, very ABBA.

  16. I'll be right over for the party. Just don't check my bags when I leave! Only 150 books? If you feature 20 a day, it will only take about a week to put them all on the blog. That French book is one of the earliest works about Theosophy, which is the forerunner to the modern New Age movement. It's kind of an esoteric classic.

  17. 1970s maxi dresses ~ I can't believe they are back in fashion. '-)

  18. Love, love the suitcases and the old story books! Great score Donna. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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