Thursday, August 6, 2015

A White Buffet

Valspar Bermuda Sand, furniture makeover, Ethan Allen Baumritter buffet
One of the fastest turn-arounds in my personal history of furniture makeovers.

At least for a piece this size.


A white buffet!

I saw it.

I bought it.

The next afternoon it was in my booth. 

Now this buffet had some war stories.

The white arrow points out where something heavy and sharp hit the top edge and one of the drawers.

The black arrow points out where some substance caustic enough to remove the varnish spilled onto the foot.

Both areas were heavily sanded back into shape.

The buffet was well-made with nary a shiver or shake.

The inside was in great condition - not needing anything more than cleaning.

Flipped it over on the painting frame.

Sanded the outside parts.

Brought out my Valspar Bermuda Sand.

 Just the drawer fronts.

Notice that the sun has gone away.

Above me was a large ominous cloud.

I scurried and I hurried and I painted two coats on the body and three coats on the top.

In record time.

Slapped some paint on the pulls.

The first drops of rain.

Let's move this thing to the back of the Blazer.

Luckily the back dock of the antique mall is covered!

I loved the way the white buffet looked in the small booth.

I took a few pics and left.

That was the last I saw of it.

The white buffet found a new home promptly!

Thirty hours from the time I bought the buffet to the time it sold!


See y'all!

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  1. Wow! That's got to be some kind of world record. Don't you wish they all could be like that?

  2. Great job! Someone was just waiting on it...

  3. Great makeover Donna! Don't you love it when it sells that fast!


  4. Great Re love and does not surprise me it sold quickly. It is beautiful.

  5. WOW....That is most definitely record time! But what a lovely, elegant piece!

  6. Great job !! Love your keeping that booth so 'clean' !!!I want those two metal chair's to the left of it, BAD!!! Have a great day,TT

  7. I'm not surprised, its gorgeous! But yes that was a fast turnover!!

  8. Wow, not only were you quick at finishing it, and finishing it before the rain...but selling that quickly - amazing! Now you have a big space to fill again, time to go thrift shopping! ;)
    Beautiful buffet, and I love those metal chairs too!!!!!

  9. yes! for quick sales...and profits!
    I think it looks great. I hope they enjoy it.

  10. A best seller! Don't ya wish they all would sell that fast! Great piece!

  11. That's some quick income, Donna...good for you! Love the white finish on the buffet!

  12. Aw shucks I wanted that buffet. Wow you did awesome job on that baby, looks great. So happy for you to have sold so quickly.
    Got tired of looking for buffet I really wanted, bought one at Big Lots when they were clearancing out some pieces. Not best price but not bad either. Not style I really wanted but do like it, at least now have buffet and could un-clutter some of cabinets and show off some of my pretties in it. Has paned glass doors and actually still have room for more in it. I would so love to have had an empire style but not waiting for one to appear here in Grand Junction, CO. At least at a price I could ever afford.
    Did have good lucky at Goodwill yesterday, white wicker nightstand with drawer and arch top mirror for $20, both of them, unheard of at our Goodwill. Believe me I grabbed those pieces in big hurry. Both pieces in good shape, just need repainting a little. Will give light coat with spray paint. I'm so happy I grabbed them when I could. Now to keep daughter from wanting them for her daughter. Have wanted some thing like them for long time but never seemed to have money when I'd see them, not so this time, hooray.
    Have great weekend

  13. Whew! A real beauty! Great job, Donna, and what a turnaround but do you ever think you could have gotten more when they go so quickly?

  14. Wow, that's great Donna! When that kind of thing happens to me I always thing "dang, I should have asked a little more for it!"


  15. Congrats on the quick sale! It turned out lovely! Must be a nice feeling when a project like that goes quickly! Now you have to find something else to take its place!

  16. WOW! That was a quick turnaround!

  17. You did a beautiful job on that buffet!

  18. No wonder it found a new home! It's beautiful!

  19. I like this and not surprised it sold fast. Beautiful!

  20. Great piece, looks beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  21. Now that is heading them up and moving them out! Easy to see why it sold so fast Donna. She's a real beauty! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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