Monday, August 17, 2015

Mr. White Diamonds Table

table makeover, Rust-Oleum paint, vintage finds
This guy has white diamonds.

And he has great storage.

And he is six-sided (hexagonal!).

But no legs.


You know how I love six-legged furniture.

He was a blast from the late 60's.

He had lost his groove thang.

He had the annoying gray, scented gunk on his top which I have been finding on many pieces.

I am blaming scent diffusers.

All the gray gunk sanded off, and the gloss removed.

Let's get his groove thang back.

I used Rust-Oleum in Navajo White.

Both outside and ...


This guy has found his groove thang and got on up to a new century.

Diamonds in classic white.

I have been painting like mad.

Did you notice I did not distress this guy?

Don't worry there is distressing on the horizon.

Meanwhile, after reading for years what Suzan of Simply Vintageous  found on Craig's List, I peeked at our local ads and discovered not the usual puppies, kittens, mattresses and moving boxes, but some real furniture!

Over the phone I was told to drive to El Cheapo's to meet Mike who would take me to a storage facility for me to view the furniture.

Chucks thought it sounded shady so he insisted on going.

Mike turned out to be a guy I meet at estate sales all the time. Not shady at all!

Here's what I bought.  Sorry about phone pics.

A Duncan Phyfe sewing stand, a Martha Washington sewing stand, and a smoking stand.

All in original condition.

No painting necessary.

A 1960's record album cabinet painted green.

All pieces can be found along with Mr. White Diamonds in Booth C-23, Riverfront Antique Mall.

See y'all!


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  1. Are you addicted to browsing craigslist for cheap furniture to redo yet? I know some bloggers who set up alerts, so they can contact someone as soon as they list an item.

  2. Curious..., did you get pretty good deal's on the piece's ? I mean you can tag them and off to the mall, perfect. The stuff Suzan find's is amazing and the price's are CHEAP.We had a hexagonal table just like that growing up. I'd look at it and walk by , but you off course you saved him from the landfill and he's shining like a diamond in the night !! Did your temp's drop? Have a good one, TT

  3. Love your CraigsList finds and so glad it wasn't a creepy meeting. The Rustoleum you used....was that a spray paint ? That's the only way I know that brand.

  4. He looks smashing ! and ready for a new day!

  5. Love the Duncan Phyfe and am so glad you didn't meet Mr. Slim Shady! :-)

  6. I always peruse Craigslist and have found some amazing deals! The last one was a 9 ft high and wide hexagonal wrought iron gazebo for only $100!!!

  7. Well...this fella is a real cutie!!! Thank you for sharing him at my party.


  8. Nice finds, including that groovy thang you helped find its mojo again. Craigslist pretty much is non-existent in our area, but people will sell any and everything on FB yard sales. I mean ANYthing.

  9. Aww, I love those little hexagon tables, the white looks lovely...he definitely has his groove back! It's good that your hubby wanted to go with you, better to be safe than sorry.


  10. Thes little hexagonal side tables are one of my favorites when they are repainted! It is amazing how they transform from ugly to awesome! Those Craigs List finds are awesome too! I'm sure they won't last long at the antique mall! Have a great week!

  11. Oh, diamonds are always a girl's best friend!

  12. This is a brilliant piece, both a little table and storage.
    Magali - loved your comment!

  13. Well look at you - you did great Donna !
    I have the exact same little end table - guess where I got it ? Craigs List LOL - along with the 2 dressers that go with it !
    Thanks for the shoutout girlfriend !

  14. Elizabeth Taylor would've been all over me diamond he's gorgeous. I might be ignorant but what is a smoking table

  15. What fun pieces you found! I love all three of the new ones. The legs will be great on the diamond one!

  16. The end table really looks nice. Amazing what a little paint will do. Great finds on Craigslist too. Maybe Mike will call you when he get some more good stuff.

  17. I remember those tables. My mom had two very similar. What an improvement! It looks great, and what great storage. I need an album cabinet like that. Haven't seen one of those in years.

  18. Oh, I remember those types of tables. You really gave him his groove back! You go girl! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Who would have tho ught that the old guy could look so magnificent with a little paint. He looks hollywood glamourous now!


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