Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I've Been Transferred!

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"I've been transferred,"  cried the four signs.

Using waxed paper transfers.

Yes, one of the advanced, but still so easy, waxed paper transfer projects.

I was saving this oak table top for the perfect base which I never found before the top split into four pieces.

Oh, well, perfect for signs.

Perfect for transfers!

Cleaned, sanded, and painted with ...


Folks, I still have 3/4 of a gallon left so many projects to go with this color.

The links to the tutorials on how to print your transfers are below this post.

Some of you asked if you could print more than one transfer on one sheet of paper.

Yes, you can.

Cut them apart - I leave the paper backing so I can remember which side has the ink on it.

After deciding the placement, you have one chance to get it right so get it right the first time.

You will notice I used a graphic of blue dresses.

Yes, you can print the transfers in color.

Typography is printed in reverse so when you place it, the words are read left to right as normal - the ink is on the back side.

Large blue hydrangeas.

Transferred to a sign board.

Think Monet - the images will not be sharp when you have heavy brush strokes.

A sheet of nine purple hydrangeas.

Yes, you can layer the transfers.

Here I transferred the bee image over the purple hydrangeas.

One on each end of the sign.

Stamped the obvious - "BEES" in the middle over the purple hydrangeas.

Stamped this sign with a quatrefoil design in black and used a blue distress ink. 

All designs were sprayed with a matte spray - two coats.

One coat of satin craft varnish was added.

 One sign.

Two signs.

As second look at the second sign.

 Three signs.

A close up because this is my favorite.

Four signs. 

I've been transferred onto four signs.

I am off to do more.

I'll keep you posted.

See y'all!

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  1. This is just so the coolest thing ever! Love what you have done with your scrap boards. Thanks so much for the links and how-to info.

  2. I like the most how the hydrangeas look like in the transfer!

  3. I love the shapes that you were left to work with from the table coming apart. Cool! And I love those blue hydrangeas! Nice work. All together now: BERMUDA SAND!

  4. Your signs are so pretty and vintage looking. You've really mastered this technique!

  5. Officially the transfer queen! Your favorite is my favorite! :)

  6. As always, your creativity amazes me! Love how the hydrangeas transferred.
    Bermuda Sand is your signature color!!
    BTW, how is Scout doing these days?

  7. Love the vintage distressed look of your signs. The hydrangea one is my fave too, but they/re all great.

  8. You know which one I love the best...you can go ahead and mail the hydrangea one to me! :-)

  9. Love these signs! I adore hydrangeas so that is my favorite for sure!

  10. Amazing stuff! That's IT!! I am moving near you so I can come to your shop and buy your stuff! It would all be worth it just not to figure out how to do it myself! Love the petticoat sign! All of them actually!

  11. Absolutely amazing work Donna. Hope you have your crown polished because you are soon to be voted Queen of transfers. Love all your signs and especially how your layered them. Gosh ... I just have to try that. Did you seal between layers?
    Thanks for making me want to get out in the shop and find some boards to transfer to. The weather is perfect for that ... BUT darn it !!!... gotta get the taxes done first ... Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Your favorite is my favorite too! Love those blue hydrangeas...so pretty. I still want to try this...but until this kitchen is done, I'm not doing anything new...lol! Have a great week!

  13. I like your favorite one as well!

  14. Ooh Donna, I love these signs! I know a place that sells scraps of old barnwood and you've inspired me to head down there tomorrow. Thanks for showing us how to do this.

  15. Wow I'm so impressed! You've taken those pieces of wood to another dimension! Love them all.

  16. Love all of these Donna. Thanks for sharing at VIParty and thanks for the great tutorial. Your favorite is mine too, followed by the pretty dresses.

  17. Wow, Donna, what a a wonderful project! I like them all :-)

  18. Your favorite is my favorite! And I found my Grandma's dough board! Want to try making a sign on it.... ;)

  19. Hi Donna! Love your signs! Great job and tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  20. Oh, Donna...you have outdone yourself. These signs are great! I hope you are keeping your favorite one. The rest will sell instantly.

  21. My favorite is the hydrangea one of course! They are just beautiful.

  22. You do nice work lady! lol! Love the Hydrangeas and the bees. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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