Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, quilts, SS Columbus menu
I almost forgot to write a Friday Finds post for this week.

It has been very busy at the booth. Also I turned everything around inside and outside to create new displays.

This is a lovely print of a Duke of Devonshire engraving in a great frame.

An older gentleman, Dr. S., found it in the frame bin at GW and simply insisted I take it.

Going back to thank him again, I discovered he had found the other print of the pair, but refused to buy the one I had or let me buy the one he had.

A standoff!

We will resolve this at a later date, Dr. S!

Never too late.

Never too early.

Yards of 60's era pleather and a stack of wood banner pieces.

Oh, yes, a fish!

I do not know if counterpanes were once popular in other parts of the country, but in our family we put them on our beds on Easter weekend.

The hand-
embroidered sets were made of a lightweight cotton and consisted of pillow shams, a spread, and a coverlet to lay across the bed pillows.

This set is missing the spread and has scorched marks and a few tears.

However it did not deserve being tossed so I rescued it.

I wonder how many handmade items are tossed each day?

Love the quirky fabrics used in this machined quilt.

Another quilt - this one was headed to the bales also.

It is not truly quilted - there are French knots holding it together.

I thought it was a two-fer. 

A quilt made with an older quilt inside.

No, just an ancient cotton flannel striped blanket lurking inside.

A bread board to paint.

A gilded Italian plaque.

A silverplate bowl.

An Italian round print of a woman.

A floral resin piece.

A set of corked bottles - already cleaned and the labels removed - Glory Be!

Another frame.

A like-new in-the-box SpellWell.

Push the letter tabs down the side to find a list of the most common misspelled words.

I had a brown one in elementary school.

Last is a menu for the S.S. Columbus for lunch on Saturday, June 13, 1936.

On the back a print of the cruise ship.

On the front the Nord Deutscher LLoyd Bremen logo.

The inside is printed in German on the left and English on the right.

Quite the assortment of choices.

"After Lunch Mocha is served also in Smoking Room and Social Hall."

Just so you know ...

See y'all!

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  1. Meet me in the Social Hall after lunch for a mocha? Nice batch of finds!

  2. I never find old quilts at the flea market... I really like the ones you have found!

  3. Great finds - especially the quilts and that cruise ship menu!

  4. I love me a mocha in the smoking room after lunch.

  5. Love the stuff! Now it makes me so sad that many old linens especially are sent to the rag pile. glad you found a few to save. Love the menu!

  6. Another nice batch of finds.
    I would like mocha in the social hall too!!
    Have fun!

  7. Lots of finds this wek! I went thrifting today to get it out of my system for a! Of course, I found lots of loot! Will share soon...:) Have a happy day!

  8. Glad you didn't forget to share, fun goodies as always.

  9. You always find an eclectic mix of goods! Love them all!

  10. I love those quilts!! Why can't I find any of those around here? I've never heard of counterpanes. That pattern in very pretty. I hate to think about all the handmade items that end up in the landfill. Makes me sad, but all we can do it save what we can.

  11. Some great paintings and engraving this week! The first one is my favourite.

  12. What a lovely print! I only know of one Duke of Devonshire, the one married to the opinionated Georgina.

  13. Donna ... you have the best shopping eye of anyone that I know. Such a great variety. Glad you are saving those linens and quilts from the dump. I know you will find something productive to do with them.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Wow! You scored big this week! So many great finds. I think I like the 1st painting the best. I'd hang it up as is.

  15. what an assortment of goodness!
    Mysterious Dr.S ...and his quirky print obsession.
    That's intriguing.
    Lots of frames, prints, textiles, fabric/quilts (which I would have bought for sure) ...and counterpanes? Not sure what those are.
    Off to ask the man behind the curtain...the great and wonderful 'google'...hahaha!

  16. I have never heard of counterpanes and have no idea of what their significance or relationship to Easter is. Have I led a deprived life and didn't know it until now??


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