Thursday, March 5, 2015

French Angel

French angel plaque, repurposed music stand, patina, waxed paper transfer
A lovely French angel created from a brooch, a piano music stand, and a waxed paper transfer.

No before photo.

Just a mahogany stand.

I did not bother to block the mahogany from seeping under the Bermuda Sand white I was using.

I did not go for full coverage.


Used E6000 to glue the brooch in the middle.

Applied a waxed paper transfer (tutorial on this later.)

Instant patina with the pinkish hue coming through.

A bit of crackle from sanding lightly over some places.

Lovely plaque - French/Nordic style.

Yes, I am stuck in that place for now.

Image courtesy of Karen at The Graphics Fairy (here).

Type "reverse typography" in the search box on her page.

There are numerous images for you to choose.

Sunny and hot this day.

I am tired and covered in sanding dust and white paint.

A bit pink in my cheeks from the sun.

Wore shorts all day.

I am happy.

For now.

See y'all! 

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  1. Shorts? I am too old and fat for those, but the hot weather sounds nice! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Wow! I love that! Somehow, the head does not freak me out! LOL! Seems to look like it belongs!

  3. That looks great, Donna. I'll be in snow boots and either ski pants or long johns under jeans - again. Flooding rains (did I mention I live parallel to one of the Ohio's major tributaries?) and now snow. Ugh.

  4. You've outdone yourself this time, Donna! Very vintage! It's snowing here, expecting up to eight inches. So waiting for warmer weather!

  5. That's so gorgeous Donna! Just prefect!

  6. I agree with Danni, the head looks like it belongs :) I love the vintage look - very pretty!

    Enjoy your's 5-degrees right now :) Happy Thursday!

  7. Oh my gosh! Shorts?! I'm so envious. I can only dream of wearing shorts right now. We're into another cold spell. It's -20 here, but the sun is shining so I'm looking on the bright side. The angel head is so sweet and looks like it belongs there perfectly. Love the Graphics Fairy!

  8. I love what you did there..and the piece is so unique. I've been enjoying browsing around on your "finds" posts. What fun stuff you've found. And my GOODness..your features list is forever long! You're one talented lady :) Thank you for sharing and have a great day..


  9. Miss Donna; You have truly outdone yourself with this one!!! What a Gorgeous piece!!
    She is a Stunning French Angel!!! The Patina is just Amazing......I bet that she will fly right out of your Booth very quickly!!!! :-)
    I am so glad that you are having good weather, and are Painting, and are wearing some to boot!!!! ;-D Take Care.

  10. SO jealous you've got shorts weather already. It was icy/snowy yesterday. High today of a balmy 24F here. Ugh.

  11. Absolutely charming!
    It's still a bit chilly here for shorts, but it was definitely a spring day, today.

  12. Love stuff like what you made out of pieces. You are one talented lady, have great eye. I'll look at things but takes me while to figure out what could do with it (when I get home).
    Like to have something one of a kind in home, never been one to like things everybody else has. I make things seen on blog posts but will not be same as what blogger made since I put my slant on it.
    Your new creation is quite special. Lucky person who buys it.
    Shorts? Enjoy, we lived in San Diego areas for 21 yrs. would go to beach on New Years day. Then we moved to MT, then KY now western CO. Was really spring like here until week ago, temps down in 30's & 40's but not as bad as all other winters since we moved here in late Aug. 2004. I'd move back to MT if we could. Of all places we've lived is still my favorite. Happy weekend

  13. I don't even own any shorts but putting my sandals on would be nice! I need a pedicure first though! I love your angel plaque! Clicked over to The Graphics Fairy....great stuff!

  14. Love your French angel..........and your weather! Shorts!!
    Getting down to 8 degrees here in the Tundra (aka Ohio) but
    we may see the 40s next week. So ready for spring!

  15. Love this Donna. We've had nice weather here this week too and I am loving it! Tomorrow is supposed to be cool though...57 is the projected high, but it's just for a day I think. I can handle that. We've ripped out half of the kitchen and are planning to work on it some more this weekend! So excited!

  16. I have one of your french angels and didn't know what it was? On my! Now I'm wondering where it is? We're to get nice weather in a few days...and I can't wait. I want SPRING so bad. Great pickins as always!

  17. Love it! It almost looks like an ornate window. Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  18. Adorable! I love anything with an angel and this turned out fabulously!


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