Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, vintage furniture.
Three truckloads before noon last Saturday.

I had to go home to dump the treasures before heading back out.

I will not bore you with all - just some.


A boxful of baby shoes - well-loved.

Buttons, buttons, buttons followed by spools, spools, spools.

Printer's tray.

About ten floral frogs in different sizes.

A weaving loom from the 60's.

A pair of heavy duty end tables with barley twist legs.

The tops are ugly - water damage.

A very large tub I plan to use as a planter.

A MCM* dresser which is now in the middle of a major makeover.

I love the chair frame just as it sits.

Naked beauty.

The small Corsican-style table with beautiful spooled legs and ...

... beautiful burled top.

Unfortunately there is damage to the finish on the legs.

I am only touching the legs - NOT the top.

I have a whole post to write about this primitive beauty.

Handsawn wood.

Handmade with a lot of love.

It was getting late and it was SUNNY  so the pictures go downhill from here.

The Sirocco framed young girl.

There's a small bench behind her.

A cherub

A shelf unit.

And a mirror.


I know, I know - you cannot see them!

A lovely group of white shutters.

A wire blue plant stand.

An ornate gold frame.

Look, Farragoz fellow students, a whole jar of homemade gesso.

Not like ours, but similar.

I found it at the bottom of a box.  It is a wonder it did not break and ruin everything.  I got it free because no one at the estate sale knew what gesso was.

In the DON'T TELL CHUCKS section of this week's Friday Finds:

I went to Tractor Supply for a bag of dog food, but who can get out of that place without buying more?

I can't.

On the sale rack was this toolbox planter and the galvanized holder.

Yes, I know I am culling the herd of my vintage toolboxes, but this is perfect for my new porch look.

I also picked up two crib mattresses.

A quick tutorial:
1. Grab mattress.
2. Strip the mattress of all padding.
3. Use springs for displays!

*MCM - Mid-Century Modern!

Handmade Hangout Linky Party: from g2b

See y'all!

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  1. Fun finds, Donna. I like the buttons and spools the best. And I have the same potholder loom in its box in my craft room. Guess I should start getting rid of this stuff. My son will just trash it when I am gone. Oh, well. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. OOO, I would like to see in more details the buttons and spools! :)

  3. Wow! You sure did find lots of goodies this week! Hard to puck a favorite! I need to go yo Tractor Supply and look for one of those galvanized things. I've been wanting one. Are the floral frogs the glass or metal ones with spikes? I've been looking for one of those too...the metal ones. Are you listing them on etsy?

  4. Ooh, yes, Donna, we've been on the search for a crib mattress spring form! Love that pair of barley twist legged tables. That chair that you love the frame of? I think that could possibly be one of those convertible chairs/tables, where a round base would flip back to stand against the frame's back, ya think? You were busy last week!

  5. I've been wanting springs AND a MCM dresser forever... So I'm a little green with envy. You had some great finds.

    AND - I'm not sure how you follow my blog, but I bought a domain for it yesterday and transferred everything over! I'm now If you go there it's still the same ol' blog and I've updated my bloglovin' button.

    I know several of the people who follow me also follow you on here. Can you give me a shout out on your next post? I'm trying to reach everyone and let them know, but I could use some help. Thank you so so much!

  6. The detail on the legs of those three side tables is so attractive. You are definitely the master of good finds.

  7. You have the best finds and ideas! I didn't know about the crib mattress/springs idea before! Wow! Wonder if stuffing can be reused for pillow stuffing, and the outer fabric for sewing something else. I like to reuse as much stuff as possible.Thanks.

  8. Where do you find all these wonderful items?? I need your naked chair to match my almost chair! :-)

  9. You found great treasures! I need to go shopping with YOU!!!

  10. Just WOW Donna ... Great stuff. Just when I planned to spend my Thrift-shopping-Friday at home, you have tempted me to get out there and S.H.O.P. My choice would the tall blue plant stand and the ornate mirror. I may even need to stop at Tractor Supply.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Oh may, what fab finds, and so many of them, lol! Love your naked chair and the MCM chest. Can't wait to see what you do with it. The swirly leg tables too. I never seem to be able to leave button and spools behind, love & use! :)

    1. um...that should have started "oh my", not may. Sorry!

  12. My, my, my! You've just got the touch!! You continue to amaze with your great finds.
    That tractor planter has my name on it and it's red!

  13. I am love with the wood chair, Donna...and much of the rest of it. It's a good thing I don't live close by. I'd be broke. ;)

  14. Wowza!! So many things to love... like that wire plant stand, the crib springs, the printer's tray, the spooled and twisted legs. Really amazing finds!

  15. Nice finds. Love the furniture especially. Some nice pieces there for sure. It's still not warm enough here to have a lot of choices for sales.

  16. You found some amazing items. Love the smalls and you found some great furniture also.


  17. I love everything - you scored some fab stuff. what's gesso??

  18. Hi Donna,
    Boy do I wish I could find that much good stuff on one trip! I can just imagine that the transformations of those furniture pieces will be fabulous. Love that chair and the shutters and everything!


  19. Wow you found so many wonderful things! I love so many of the furniture pieces and the printer's tray. I have never seen one I didn't love. I remember my Mother so happy to have found one back in the 70's when they were extremely popular. She squealed with delight! Can't wait to see your furniture makeovers!

  20. So many treasures! I don't know if I can find a favourite this time!

  21. I don't even know where to begin; I think it's your best haul EVER, and I am insanely jealous! LOVE: baby shoes, barley twist tables, the naked chair, table next to it, and the primitive beauty (esp.). I've never been in Tractor Supply, but have been wanting to check it out. Now of course, I must :)

  22. Donna, you're killing me!! What great finds. Do I detect a future for some of the wood pieces to get a coat of Bermuda Sand? Love that prim chest of a matter of fact....I love it all!! We got a new TSC in town........might have to check it out!
    Take care and have fun!

  23. Love those barley twist tables. If you redo them, hope you show us the results. I'm enjoying your shopping trips!

  24. You did have a great week of finds, Donna...I love those barley twist tables, too!

  25. Just so you know, I was showing this post to the hubby last night -- we were looking at all the cool items. I showed him the toolbox planter you got from Tractor Supply and jokingly told him to pick me one up when he went for his luncheon meeting today. He's so sweet...he did. Next time, I will ask for a new diamond!! ;-)

  26. Me thinks ya need a bigger truck! Oh my goodness, what a haul! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party. I'm inspired!

  27. You got quite the haul of cool stuff! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesday!


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