Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vintage Vibes

Since I am trying to cut down on all the junk, er, treasures sneaking about the house, I have cut down on my buying.  

Just as soon as I tried to accomplish that cutting down thing, a new thrift shop opened with deals to bring in the customers.

Well, I had to support them, didn't I?

Can't pass up songbooks.

I saw this little red plastic horse's head sticking out of a box.

What in the world could it be?

Especially with a tassel.

An official Davy Crockett umbrella!

Who knew The King of the Wild Frontier used a small red umbrella?

Did it really match that outfit he wore?

An iron plant stand.

A pair of turquoise pineapple gates.

I tried these out on my blue mantel, but Chucks vetoed the idea quickly.

He said I change that mantel too often for something heavy like these.

I calmly agreed and took them to the store.

He has not noticed the giant mirror hiding out behind the sofa - just in time for fall and Christmas.

Let him sleep happy tonight thinking he won the war.

A small green pedestal table which I would leave like it is BUT someone put a wet plant on the top so it has to be painted.  I'll add it to the list.

A box of slides taken in the 1950's in a classroom.  I need a projector or good light box to view them and decide if there is an art project  fomenting in my brain.

Okay, Chucks and I acted like children with the black rotary dial phone.  I plugged it in (yes, we still have landlines!) and it worked.  

The ringer is stuck on mute, but it WORKS!

We took turns calling each other from our cell phones.   It was like the past all over again.

I love the sound the rotary dial makes when dialing.

A pretty in pink floral duvet cover and three tan linen bags with green piping and drawstrings.

We call these ditty bags around here.

If you can locate your ditty, it will fit in here!

 Some clever carpenter made a bench with an oval top.  The top lifts in the middle to reveal a storage space.

The country tulips will have to go.

Add another one to the painting list.

 A vintage paper mache' Santa with a bottle brush tree surveys his collection of floral frogs.

While sitting on the tulip bench!

Santa appears to have had too much to drink.

If any Cub Scouts come around, we will be ready with booklets of games and crafts for them.

Compliments of the early 1960's!

Most purchases have at least been cleaned, some are in the booth, and the rest on the painting list.

That painting list gets longer and longer.  Better go take care of that.

See y'all!

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  1. As usual Donna you find the best stuff. I love that little green table, especially in its original color. Too bad you have to paint it. And I have a friend who retired from AT&T and she still has rotary phones in her home - just won't give them up.

  2. You sure founds some great treasures. I love the Santa and floral frogs. Looks like he got a good poke before he fell off. You're like me with too many painting projects, but what a difference it will make. Love the phone!!

  3. my favrite is the wooden gate...minus the pineapple

  4. I would love to spend a day with you Donna - you find the most amazing things - really - every single time!!!

  5. What wonderful vintage finds! Love the comment about Chuck winning the! And, I love the sound that the old phones make when dialing too....:) That umbrella is too funny!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. I saw that phone on Mellywood's Freakin' Awesome Fridays and knew I had to come look. The post did not disappoint. LOVE!!

  7. Okay you Mae me laugh, can I tell you a secret, Santa stops here before he gets to your end of the world, because its hot here we traditionally leave out a cold beer, he probably is drunk by the time he visits every house here. I'm not sure how his tummy handles the cold milk you guys leave I'm after all the beer, he's a trooper. Love the phone and that you hide things, I do the same lol

  8. Thanks for the morning laugh...I'm picturing Davy Crockett walking through the wild frontier with a red umbrella!

  9. I'm with you, I remember having those old rotary dial phones, how fun that you called each other from the cell phone. Who could blame you for checking out the newest store?? What great finds, and that oval table with storage, cool!!

  10. It's probably a good thing it doesn't ring. I have an old wall phone that has no mute button and when it rings one of my dogs goes nuts. You can never have too many flower frogs either!

  11. As always...awesome...but that umbrella...WHO KNEW???? hugs...TFS

  12. Gosh, so many great finds! I'm envious! And I hope you and your friends will ink up to my weekly "Thrifty & Vintage Finds" link party!

    Dagmar's Home


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