Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pumpkin Baskets

Everywhere I go, I keep seeing pumpkins in the most unlikely places.   Things that are normally not thought of as pumpkins become pumpkins in my head.  I have to blame it all on Carlene at Organized Clutter.  She has been creating the most amazing pumpkins out of cake pans (read here for total cuteness!) , Jello molds (You gotta read this!) , and bicycle wheels (One for the garden!).

Last week at an estate sale a couple had a whole courtyard full of baskets, fencing, and electrical supplies.  You have seen the Miss Bat Lady's Baskets HERE, but I also bought two of these large round baskets.  They were just crying out, "Please, please make me a pumpkin!"
And like the good fairy godmother I am, I agreed.

A couple of coats of Rust- Oleum in Cinnamon did the trick, but they needed faces.  Just a little black craft paint and Voila!  Faces!

A touch of yellow paint highlighted the eyes.  Because you know we all like our eyes highlighted!

The pumpkin up top there looks very pleased to be holding pine cones and have a little buddy holding finials next to him.              But this pumpkin seems to be a little scared of the gourds and body parts that surround him.

Well, he will just have to get use to it.

In this house we have body parts!

Back to the estate sale a minute.  The guy had a bunch of those square electrical junction boxes.  Some lady asked me what I would create with them.  I said square pumpkins!

They were all gone in minutes.  The guy did give me a break on my final total for helping him sell his stuff.

All over Aiken there are going to be some weird-looking pumpkins.

And we can blame it all on Carlene!

See y'all!

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  1. Well if that isn't the best idea - filled with candy outside for the kiddies?
    LOVE !!!
    ( please remove those dead doll parts though ) lmho

  2. Totally love these baskets!! Sooo cute!! What a great idea! Those body parts are freakin' me out too Suzan! lol.

  3. Carlene's whee was the bomb. These are cute. One day I will share some macabre morgue stories with you. Since you have these parts laying about that is.

  4. Those baskets make perfect pumpkins! Your body parts probably come in handy around Halloween...:) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. You had me at pumpkin! :) T.

  6. I love your pumpkins! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. I loved your stars on Inspiration Cafe.

  7. Yup, blame it on Carlene! She makes the most fabulous things out of junk. Cute pumpkin baskets and I must confess, the body parts scare me. lol! Would love if you shared this with Share Your Cup Thursday going on now!

  8. Hey Miss Donna; I Love your Pumpkins. The yellow eyes makes them perfect.
    LOL @ Square Pumpkins......They can come in all shapes and sizes!!! :-)

  9. Carlene is a genius for sure, but you are pretty clever yourself there with those cute pumpkin baskets! Love that you threw some body parts in!

  10. Hi Donna! Love your basket jack-o-lanterns! You might try a very low oven to dry whole lemons. Or a food dehydrator. They are not as dark the first year. They keep on getting a "patina". Carry on with the fun! :0)

  11. Hi Donna! Love your basket jack-o-lanterns! You might try a very low oven to dry whole lemons. Or a food dehydrator. They are not as dark the first year. They keep on getting a "patina". Carry on with the fun! :0)

  12. Donna ... you always come up with such interesting ideas. What fun.
    Audrey Z.

  13. Great idea! And after Halloween you can probably turn them around to just the plain orange side and use them through Thanksgiving. I do that with similar pumpkin things I have. Take care - Dawn

  14. LOL stop scaring the pumpkins, I dont want to be surrounded by body parts either!, Very cool thanks for linking

  15. I love big old baskets and buy too many of them! What a fabulous idea! Now I may have to try this one! Very cute!!!


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