Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pleasingly Plump Pumpkins

Have you noticed the number of soft fabric pumpkins rolling around the Blog-o-sphere?

Well, I didn't want to be left out, BUT I certainly did not intend to drag out my sewing machine which is sulking in the back of a closet. 

Then I saw this tutorial at Confessions of A Plate Addict HERE!  The post title had the two words I was searching for:  "easy" and "no-sew".

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Now I was a teacher for 22 years, and teachers are notorious about not following directions.  Debbie has excellent directions for super-duper fancy pumpkins, but I just wanted three to throw in a basket.

I found three scraps of fabric in orange tones, orange torn cotton ribbons, and Peel-n-Stick.

If you have never used Peel-n-Stick for fabric crafts, you are missing out.  It is double-stick tape for cloth and it holds up.  I have never used it on things that get washed.  You will have to do your own experimenting there. 

I folded the right sides together and adhered them in a tube shape.

Next tie six torn cotton ribbons together in a knot and rubber band inside the tube.

Please go over to Debbie's to see the real directions.

I made mine up from here.

Turn it to the right side and stuff.  I used leftover Christmas village snow.

Bring the six strands up and rubber band them.  I made little pleats around the pumpkin shape.

I wrapped the ribbons around the top and tied them into a knot.

Next I lopped off the excess fabric on top with pinking shears.

The pumpkins all stuffed and tied and needing something else.

What could that be?  What could that be?

Of course, they have to have tags!

You will notice I made five tags because originally I planned to make five pumpkins, but after three I figured that was enough.

Here they are ready to be displayed.

Noticed I made them in graduated sizes.  (Totally did not notice that until picture time!)

These pleasingly plump pumpkins are nowhere near as fancy as The Plate Addict's pumpkins, but they are cute.

Total time spent making them?  

One hour and most of that was finding the materials and cleaning up the mess I made.

Thank you, Ms. Plate Addict, for the idea for these pleasingly plump pumpkins.  Maybe next year I will follow the directions for making the lovely stems and leaves.

I may break down and buy a real pumpkin (white) for the first time in decades.   Pumpkins are expensive here - they have to be shipped in.  The purchase will depend on the cost. 

You know I save my money for junk.

Come back in a few days when I show you my loot from this past week.

Should have save a tenner for that white pumpkin.

I'm dreaming of a white pumpkin ...

See y'all!

PS  If you catch me looking for my Christmas village snow, remind me I stuffed pumpkins with it!

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  1. How cute are those fabrics! And thanks for the shout out!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Your pumpkins are really pretty and pleasingly plump...:) Lol! Love the tags too. I really need to drag out my fall decor but I just haven't been in the decorating mood lately. I need to get to it soon though. I'm loving all the blogland inspiration...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. Your pumpkins are fabulous! I love the non-traditional patterns. Sooo colourful and fun. Looks pretty easy too.

  4. How cute! The rustic look is in and with those adorable tags I'm sure these will go fast in your shop! I should get on the bandwagon with making pumpkins using some purple crushed velvet fabric I've been holding onto. I'm truly lagging in actually decorating for fall. Can't seem to get in the mood even after making a few items.

  5. Those are cute...and if I can get my other project finished today, I might give them a try, because they are "no-sew" Right up my alley! made tags!! You know I love that!

  6. Love your sweet little no-sew pumpkins! I agree, the real one are so expensive, which is why we planted some but we have too much rain which ruin lots of stuff in our garden. Thanks for the mini tutorial! Love your fabric choices. I'm a FALL person, so I'd love to have these colors out all year round :-)

  7. what a cute idea!

  8. You did a great job on the pumpkins and tags. Love the fabrics. I had the nicest, large cloth pumpkin last year but decided I did not need it anymore and got rid of it ... now wanting it back. Isn't that always the way it is. Have it for years ... never use it ... give it away and then want it back. I need to learn to make tags ... yours are so cute.
    Have a great week.
    Audrey Z. @Timeless Treasures

  9. You did great on these!!! Love the colors! so cute.

  10. cute cute!! I have been playing with pumpkins myself lately~they are a little trickier to make than I thought! I wish I'd had your handy tape. Love the tags too! Mine will post on Wednesday, I used burlap and chevron~

  11. So cute!! Love these pumpkins!! Stopping by from Alderberry Hill's linky party and a follower. Here is that I shared this week: Stop by my blog for other projects I linked up and I'm on FaceBook @ CraftyBrooklynArmyWife

  12. I've been wanting to make pumpkins, but I probably won't get to them. I have Christmas on my mind :)


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